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Topic: controlling fine tuning via sequenser

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    controlling fine tuning via sequenser

    Hi there!
    This is a dumb question, \'cause I know the solution has to be simple.
    Which midi control number to use,when I need to change/establish a given value for fine tuning or coarse tuning. In GIGA, it\'s number \"121 in the row\", but that\'s reserved for something else. (I\'m using Logic on another comp. for sequensing.)
    Thanks in advance to all you helpfull people in this forum!

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    Re: controlling fine tuning via sequenser

    Thanks for asking this question, Sten. I was about to ask the same one but you beat me to it. - Doug

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    Re: controlling fine tuning via sequenser

    This number can vary from device to device. You would need the MIDI implementation chart to see which sysex codes to send.

    To get around this I just put a pitch bend change at the beginning of the track in my sequencer. This works great as long as you don\'t do pitch bends in that track.

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