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Topic: cc#7 in instrument editor

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    cc#7 in instrument editor

    Does anyone know how to or if it is even possible to remove volume (cc#7) control from a gigastudio instrument, where the volume pedal will not affect the volume of a patch? I know this can be done through other means but my specific needs require it to be done on the patch level.

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    Re: cc#7 in instrument editor

    GSt responds to cc7; there’s no way to change that at the sample level. It would be like creating a CD that didn’t respond to the volume knob on your stereo.

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    Re: cc#7 in instrument editor

    Bill is right that Giga will not allow you to disable CC7, but you could add a filter to the MIDI in to prevent it from getting through. In a sequence, just delete it, for live performance, I believe Anatek made a box that can remap the controller, and Yamaha\'s MEP4 definitely can do this.


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    Re: cc#7 in instrument editor

    For live performance, you could use the free utils MIDIOX and MIDIYOKE and/or Bome\'s MIDI Translator to filter cc#7. Do a Google search, they\'re easy to find.

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