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Topic: clicks and pops / big Ram

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    clicks and pops / big Ram

    Hello everyone!

    AMD Athlon DDR 1.0 GHz
    AMD 760 chipset (200 MHz bus)
    384 meg DDR RAM
    XP Professional
    40 gig ATA-66 IDE sample hard drive
    20 gig ATA -100 IDE Application drive
    Delta 1010 using XP drivers

    does anyone have a recommendation on using large amounts of ram with windows XP?

    I have 384 meg right now and i am getting clicks and pops in the audio. I am not sure if it is related to the RAM or not but i have tried everything else and i am at a loss for what to do.

    when I load the new Bardstown Audio giga instrument it takes up 62% of my availlable RAM. Is this the problem?

    What percent of ram useage should i be running at?

    Any info on how to best setup XP for audio would be greatly appreciated also. I have turned most fancy things off but perhaps there is something else that i can do to stop the problem. I never had clicks when i was running this same system under ME but the new drivers for my Delta 1010 are multiclient and allow a better latency ratio so i would like to keep working in XP if possible


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    Re: clicks and pops / big Ram

    Definately HD related, perhaps a videocard or soundcard that is fighting with interrupts or IDE channel that\'s fighting as a slave.

    Hard to tell how to solve it really.

    Try this to start:

    Install the Piano that pops/clicks on your normal system Harddisk (instead of audio) does it pop/click now??? if not the GS HD is the one that should be put on a different IDE of something.



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