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Topic: Clicks in french horn 1 solo

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    Clicks in french horn 1 solo

    I'm hearing 'pops'/clicks' (whatever the right word is...) when I play with French horns 1 solo, regardsless of the position of the sustain/legato pedal. They occur especially in the octave below middle c. I sounds like there is a transition problem. I heard the click the moment I press the next note. Something wrong with the attack?
    There were a few more instruments where I heard this problem. I can't recall which ones, but I let you know as soon as I run in to them...
    Any idea how I can resolve this problem?-

    Regards, Peter

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    Re: Clicks in french horn 1 solo

    I'd like to refer to the 'tick in trombone overlay' topic, also posted on this forum. The tick they describe in trombone overlay on de d about middle c is the same tick I hear in my french horn 1 solo, I described above.

    Tom, have you heard of this before, and do you know how to solve it?


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    Re: Clicks in french horn 1 solo


    There are different types of clicks that can be encountered depending upon your system. When people mention French horn 1 solo it usually is related to the "panning" issue. The panning issue creates clicks primarily in the right channel (easiest to hear over headphones) when instruments set to "1" note of polyphony, like the FH, are panned somewhat to the left, as in the default position. This is a player/system issue. Some systems don't produce clicks and some do. My system, for instance, does not produce clicks on the French horn. We hope the next update will eliminate this issue for everyone but that remains to be seen.

    Workarounds? Well, IF you are experiencing the panning issue you may be able to eliminate it by panning the instrument to either center or full left/right. If the clicks go away with re-panning then use your sequencer mixer to position instruments, not the player. You can also increase the number of voices of polyphony for the problem instrument but that is at the expense of the tongue/slur function which requires a setting of "1" to work properly.


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    Re: Clicks in french horn 1 solo

    Another workaround if you are encountering this issue in Sonar.

    I've noticed this comes up if you have Sonar control MIDI volume with its track volume and envelopes. A high setting (above 65 or 70) produces more clicks. Set the track volume low on the MIDI channels, and make up the lost volume with the track volume on the GPO plug-in track itself.

    I'm not sure why this helps, but it does on my system. It may or may not apply to other sequencers.
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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