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Topic: Moving HD's to regular or different IDE channels

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    Moving HD\'s to regular or different IDE channels


    I have a little problem and that\'s:

    PIII 1 Ghz
    3x 20 Gig 7200 Maxtors (all the same)
    Disk C: Boot
    Disk D: Giga
    DIsk E: Audio

    Now, disk D: for giga does not perform as fast as disk E: Audio, GS also shows clicks and pops on Disk D:, Disk E: loads faster and give a much cleaner performance.

    Should I change to regular IDE channels for disk D: Giga? but how do I do that, and indeed I use a Promise ATA 100 controller.

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Moving HD\'s to regular or different IDE channels

    Hi. You may know all of this, so excuse me if I cover some basics here:

    1) The IDE allows two drives per cable - a \'Master\' and a \'Slave\'

    2) If two drives are on the cable, the one at the end must be the Master and the one in the middle must be the Slave.

    3) All IDE drives have jumpers. Be careful to make sure that your jumpers are set either for Master/Slave appropriately, or for \'Cable Select\' which *should* allow the drive to figure out where it is on the cable automatically.

    4) Mostly an FYI - Master drives may interrupt Slave drives during their transfer and may block the Slave drive from getting on the cable. It is important (in my experience) to have sample and audio drives be Masters. It is fine to have a CDROM/CDRW be a slave as long as you are careful when writing CDR\'s.

    All of that said, you can change a drive to Master or Slave configuration without effecting Windows. The drive letters may change.

    How are your drives connected today?

    In your case, you didn\'t say what MB you\'re using. Since it appears that you want 3 master drives, if possible, you might be better off with a Promise controller and putting one drive on each cable.

    (FYI - I\'m taking these drives, putting them in 1394 drive cases, and having very good results...)

    Hope this helps a little. Always willing to puzzle through these things since you guys help me with so much also!


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    Re: Moving HD\'s to regular or different IDE channels

    It\'s also very important to make sure the DMA option is enabled on your drives in Device Manager. DMA speeds up disk access while reducing the CPU load for I/O. I had the hardest time getting DMA working on both of my drives when I built my first DAW system. Turns out some motherboards can\'t handle DMA on BOTH IDE channels at the same time. Once I moved both my drives to the primary IDE channel as master & slave, DMA would work on both at the same time. Hopefully, the Promise controller doesn\'t have this limitation.

    To check that DMA is working, get the Disk Bench utility from http://prorec.com/prorec/downloads.nsf/filename/A1BABB1A8929148B862565D30064E895

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    Re: Moving HD\'s to regular or different IDE channels

    Thanks all, I\'ll grap the util

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