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Topic: Non-looped sample looping

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    Non-looped sample looping

    I downloaded a 25MB piano SF2 and converted it to gig format. On my desktop DAW w/Delta 1010 & GSIF driver, it plays fine. On my laptop (for live performance), after the sample decays (~6 secs) it loops as long as a key or the sustain pedal is held. Any idea why? The laptop is running Win98 and using the directx driver for the built in Crystan soundcard. I\'ve installed directx 8.1.

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    Re: Non-looped sample looping

    hanz zimmer guitars are similar.
    i used chicken systems to convert my roland disks, and they will last as long as the key is held down.

    fixing this is no global adjustment either, as i can immediately hear that the lower notes require longer times than the high notes.

    i often simply draw in the dynamics in the sequencer.

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    Re: Non-looped sample looping

    Have you checked the sample properties for each region in the editor? Make sure the loop checkbox is unchecked.

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    Re: Non-looped sample looping

    Initially there was a loop in all the regions but I removed it.

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    Re: Non-looped sample looping

    Found the problem. There were multiple layers and I\'d only removed the loops from sone of the layers. I had to go through each layer in each region and remove the loop. It was tedious but it got rid of all the loops.

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