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Topic: Absurd loading times

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    Absurd loading times

    Hi folk,

    East West\'s Bosendorfer takes lightyears to load, just as Voices of the apocalypse, someone knows why?

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    Re: Absurd loading times

    Load times are related to the number of samples that must be preloaded. The Bosendorfer has a huge number of samples with its four dynamic layers, etc.

    However, there is also the possibility of a disk controller compatibility issue with Giga. One of my MOBOs has a Promise ATA100 controller that slowed load times to a crawl - loading a sample set that should have taken 1 minute was taking about about 20 minutes. I could find no resolution so I moved the disks to the regular IDE channels and then everything was fine!

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    Re: Absurd loading times

    MM, gigapiano wich is bigger then EW bosendorfer loads in approx 6 seconds ??


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    Re: Absurd loading times

    On my system (Win2k 2x1GHz, 1.25GB), Gigapiano (663MB) loads in 4 sec. The Bos (910MB) loads in 12 Sec.

    What do you mean by absurd?

    Further note: Lightyear is a measure of distance, not time.

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    Re: Absurd loading times

    its a year too lol

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