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Topic: Is this a good giga switch??

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    Is this a good giga switch??

    HI there,

    Can anyone tell me which of the many giga switches out there are doing it right for Giga Teleport.

    How about this one?


    Just trying to get everything lined up for the GS3 release. Want to dump MOL and start Teleport (running audio from the giga machines into SX without bouncing - being the primary reason.)

    Many thanks.


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    Re: Is this a good giga switch??

    Hi Lee,

    Probably sage advice. Thanks a lot.


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    Re: Is this a good giga switch??

    they don't write (even on the linksys site) about backblane bandwidth - everywhere the same flat text. nothing about jumbo frames. well it seems to be what it claims to be - a workgroup switch capable talking with gigabit cards. don't expect too much in an audio environment under (heavy) load.

    disclaimer: i like linksys routers to connect mac-networks to DSL/cable - never had the slightest problem, but we're talking about another class here

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