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Topic: GPO/DP 4.12 question

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    GPO/DP 4.12 question

    I have been getting to know GPO as a plugin within Digital peformer 4.12. So far so good. :-)

    question: if I create a new sequence in DP, it copies the track layout from the previous sequence, BUT ... GPO will not work unless I load another "instantiation". Since I like to compose using separate sequences as sketch pads, this means I will need about 15 GPO's running at once! Is there a way around this?



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    Re: GPO/DP 4.12 question

    Hi Alan,

    If I understand you correctly, then what you are doing is creating new 'chunks', in DP speak, each chunk being a new sequence?

    I think that if you select the option 'mute free system resources' (in the automation setup menu), the inactive chunk will not use any cpu. Therefore, you may need a new instance of GPO in each chunk, but since only one will be active at any given moment, it will not bog your cpu down. Does this help you?

    Aternatively - and this is what I do - I simply add new midi tracks for sketchpad purposes. As long as I succeed to keep the track labels appropriately named and up to date, this works for me.


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    Re: GPO/DP 4.12 question


    I’m not quite sure of your question, but there are two ways to save and recall setups if this is what you want to do.

    If you have an orchestra setup that you feel you would like to use or at least start out with, create all your tracks instrument and midi, load the instruments into however many instances of the Kontakt player you need, then you can save the whole thing as a template file. Or you can give this file a name like String Ensemble or Brass Choir, or something, store these various files, in their own folders, in a folder to open when ever you want say a string ensemble. Just copy the folder with the file String Ensemble in it to another place on your hard drive, open the file and save it with the name of your new project.

    But that may not be what you are asking about doing. I have found that one of the most underused features in DP by most people is the clippings window. Say you have created an instance of Kontakt with a bunch of strings with all the settings etc. The easiest way to retrieve this setup in a new sequence is to save the string setup in a clippings window.

    There are two types of clippings windows: a local window that will stay with the file you are currently working on, and can only be retrieved from within that file, and a global window that can be recalled no matter what file you will be using. For me the most used is the global window. Here is how to make use of this feature.

    1. 1. In the “Project” menu, select “Clippings” > “New Digital Performer Clipping Window” A new untitled window will appear. Name this window something like “GPO setups”.
    2. Now open your “Mixing Board” from the “Project” menu. If the “Instrument track” that you want to save does not show up in your “Mixing Board” window, select it from the list of track names in the column at the left of that window. The track then will appear.
    3. 3. As one of the inserts in this track you will see in a reddish color, “Garr…” Hold down the command key and drag that insert name into your newly created “Clippings” window. You will see a new clipping in that window that says “Garritan Personal…..” You should change that name by Option clicking on the name and typing a new name like “Favorite Strings” or something. ]

    This process copied all the settings from the Kontakt player into DP’s clipping file so that you can retrieve it whenever you want it. To do this:

    1. 1. In your new sequence, If the clippings window you created is not showing, select it from the “Project”> “Clippings” menu.
    2. 2. Open your Mixing Board. Make sure that the instrument track that you want to copy your clipping to is showing up in the window.
    3. 3. Now drag the name from the clippings window into an insert place in that instrument track. You will see an instance of Kontakt automatically load with all you settings you saved from before.

    I hope this helps. It seems a little involved, but once you have done it, it will be a snap and you will probably find yourself using this feature over and over again. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to review what I just said or check it out with DP before posting, but I think everything is in order.

    If this is not what you were looking for I apologize,

    The DP manual seems rather large, well it really is rather large, but it is for the most part very complete. Even if you are an experienced user, spend some time reading it just for pleasure. I have been asked several times what that big blue book is that I'm always reading whenever I have breakfast at our local Cafe. So many times I have stumbled on something that I've not known before.

    Take care Alan, and I'm glad you are enjoying GPO and DP. They make a great combo.


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