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Topic: DP4 and Orchestral String compabilility

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    DP4 and Orchestral String compabilility

    I am using DP4 and I am considering purchasing GPO and the Orchestral String library. Although I am aware the GPO will work with DP4, can the same be said for the Orchestral String option? I noticed that the software for Orchestral Strings is windows only.


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    Wink Re: DP4 and Orchestral String compabilility

    Currently GOS is released in Gigastudio version, I think I heard or read somewhere that there is a Kontakt version coming, you might just give Gary a call and check on this. He'll be happy to hear from you in any event :-)

    I use DP4, and run GPO both on the Mac, as well as on my GigaStudio PC within the V-Stack VST host.

    I also have the full Kontakt - which is cross-platform - and it will import Gigastudio samples. I've done this on the PC. I think, therefore, that if you load the GOS (Gigastudio) library onto a Mac, and have the full Kontakt on the Mac, you should be able to play GOS on your Mac through Kontakt. Is that convoluted enough for you?


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    Re: DP4 and Orchestral String compabilility

    Thanks for the response.

    Ok, let me see if I'm getting this. I have Machfive which will import gigastudio samples. So.... if I import the GOS samples with Machfive, then I should be able to control them and all the cool bowings etc. from within GPO? I won't lose any functionality?

    Am I getting this correctly?


    Paul Lambert

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    Re: DP4 and Orchestral String compabilility


    No, I think we're on different paths.

    I followed you as far as importing GOS into MachFive, which is a sample playback module, like GPO Kontakt Player. Within the limits of MachFive's ability to properly import and translate GOS features, you should be able to use GOS in MachFive, hosted within DP. There is no GPO player needed in this case.

    The Maple Maestro Tool is PC only, is it not? It contains some important GOS functionality, so I think you would loose these features.


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