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Topic: Articulations with individual strings

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    Articulations with individual strings

    Anybody know how I could do trills and tremelo on the individual string sounds? I don't always want to have a whole section doing these things and I don't see a way to get this with the individual strings.

    Also, when the pedal is depressed with the individual strings does that mean that the bowing automatically alternates or is an up state one stroke and a down state the alternate stroke? Basically, do I have to rapidly turn the pedal on/off to get alternating strokes?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    Re: Articulations with individual strings

    I think you have to pedal every note you want a change on. So you do have to pedal away (or edit the controller lane afterwards ) if you want alternate bow strokes.

    But I'm new to this too. So my question is:
    The sustain pedal controls bow direction and legato.So how do I do two legato notes with the same bow direction, or two stacatto notes with differnent bowing? Sorry if this is a bit daft.
    Thanks again

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