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Topic: Ryan Miglierina In Memory of

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    Unhappy Ryan Miglierina In Memory of

    We'd like to offer our condolences to Ryan’s family and friends. His contributions to this community will always be remembered. We'd like to acknowledge the hard work and commitment Ryan had put into sonic control over the years. For someone so young to have that much dedication and focus was incredible. He embodied what we considered the most important trait people in this community have, and that is a passion and a love for music.

    He will be greatly missed.

    PaPa Chalk & Desound

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    Angry Re: Ryan Miglierina In Memory of


    I'm amazed to hear this sad news....

    He was one of the best and most thorough reviewers...always a pleasure to deal with.....he'll be seriously missed.


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    Re: Ryan Miglierina In Memory of

    Those that wish to leave condolences for Ryan's friends and family to read can also do so at the Sonic Control forum.


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    Re: Ryan Miglierina In Memory of

    This is really heartbreaking. He was way too young to go, and had too much talent. This is the first time since I began composing that I heard about someone so young being lost, and for some reason it is hitting me really hard. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. I hope that everything he was able to do will live on.

    James W.G. Smith

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    Re: Ryan Miglierina In Memory of

    I was shocked when I read about this on the Sonic Control forum.
    I've only had mail contact with Ryan a couple of times but I always found him extremly professional and kind.
    Sonic Control was, as I understand it, Ryans work. A forum and resource that was one of the best for users of software samplers.
    My thoughts and prayers goes to Ryans family and friends.

    Arf, arf, arf...

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