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Topic: Disable MIDI Program Change

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    Disable MIDI Program Change

    Is there a way to make GS ignore MIDI program changes? I.e., I want to load a GSP and have SONAR send stuff, but if an inadvertent program change gets through, then GS will ignore it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Disable MIDI Program Change

    I have been told no. My MIDI controller (Studio Logic SL-1100) sends a lot of program changes by default. I had to disable them in the controller.

    Maybe your MIDI interface, Sonar, or some other MIDI device on your network, has a way to filter them? Just an idea.


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    Re: Disable MIDI Program Change

    Thanks. I just so happen to have a MIDI dinosaur laying around ... JL Cooper MSB Rev 2, an 8x8 MIDI patch bay. Looked in the manual last night, and it has a MIDI Filter on Pgm Change. Guess I\'ll route Sierra Out to MSB In to Out back to Sierra In and thus into Giga ... oooh! Looks like I\'ll need 4 more short MIDI cables

    Me thinks this (block Pgm Changes) should be a feature for the next release ... I\'m loading an orchestral gsp based upon the PS Advanced Orchestra and I (currently) DON\'T want SONAR sending patch changes to Giga. Thanks again.

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