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Topic: GIgastudio 3 VST or Rewire.....

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    GIgastudio 3 VST or Rewire.....


    Since GIgastudio VST adapter has been released I have a few understandings and questions. Please correct me if I am wrong here:

    I understand Giga 3 to have Rewire whihc means that you can run it from within your sequencer like Cubase for instance.

    I also understand that this Giga VST adapter will work just like any other VST instrument that can be opened up within a sequencer.

    Will the Rewire work wit let say other VST instruments and UVI engines at the same time(Atmosphere, Stormdrum etc.)?

    Or will the Giga Adapter be abetter choice since its then just recognized as another VST instrument?

    The goal here is to have everything on one system.(Bouncing to audio is understandable since one connot run a ton at the same time).

    Can anyone help me understand the benefits of rewire or VST and speculate or know which one of these methods Rewire or VST adapter will offer better compatibility with other players at the same time.

    I would appreciate your input.

    Please shed some light its dark in here!


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    Re: GIgastudio 3 VST or Rewire.....

    ReWire does NOT allow you to run GigaStudio inside your sequencer - it allows you to stream your audio back into your sequencer, slight difference.

    I personally will be using FX-MAX's GIGA VST plug as I prefer to load everything inside Cubase and will be very happy to have GIGA in there now too.
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    Re: GIgastudio 3 VST or Rewire.....

    Unless I am doing something incorrect, all the Giga-VST wrapper does is create a MIDI/AUDIO link to the program itself and does not autolaunh GS or retain settings.
    Am I using it wrong?

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    Re: GIgastudio 3 VST or Rewire.....

    It appears that the wrapper is able to recall settings for Gigastudio 3 (load a template, etc). Not sure whether the wrapper can launch GS3 on instantiation, but can't see any reason why not.

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