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Topic: Need help updating from 2.0

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    Need help updating from 2.0

    I have been using giga 160 (2.0) for a couple years now on my old PC running Windows 98. Everything was working great for me, so I never thought about updating. Well, with 3.0 coming out soon ( or so I hear...) and with the need to upgrade my orchestral libraries, I have just bought a new, fairly screaming PC to be my dedicated giga box. Unfortunately, I have had no luck in trying to update because TASCAM asks for a download code that I can apparantly only access by opening gigastudio. But my version won't open in XP so I'm kind of stuck. I've emailed them, but I'm wondering if any of you might have ideas for me? It is a legal and registered copy, and it is no longer on my old machine, so there should be no licensing problems, right?

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    Re: Need help updating from 2.0

    You have to email or call Tascam and have them provide you a Download Code for GS v2.54.

    I was in a similar situation:
    - purchased boxed version of GS160 2.0
    - 2.0 won't run on Win XP
    - can't get code to download GS160 2.54 because can't run GS 2.0

    I either called or e-mailed them. They sent me a Download Code (??) -- whatever I needed to actually download version 2.54. After I installed that, I was able to authorize it.

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