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Topic: sustain pedal muting notes

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    sustain pedal muting notes

    Hi all,
    I'm just trying to get to grips with GPO, which sounds wonderful.
    But, apologies if this is a regular question (I couldn't find the answer by searching) I'm having some probs with my sustain pedal. It seems to act in a kind of unpredictable way, sometimes killing the sound altogether. I can't get any legato from it for sure.
    I'm using cubase SE.
    If I open the edit window and look at the sustain data while I'm recording and press the pedal it looks like it's working normally. Press it in, track goes red release it, goes white again. Press it till it locks, track stays red etc
    I really have no idea if this is a problem with a setting in GPO, Cubase or because of my sustain pedal (which was given to me by a friend )
    Anyway. Someone take pity on me please.

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    Re: sustain pedal muting notes

    Have you changed the midi controller information in the GPO player? This needs to be set to something that I can't remember to do legato instead of sustain. You're probably running out of voices if you're having audio drop out due to the sound sustaining instead of legatoing. Go to the options and select the second option. If you download the update from Garritans web page, I think it defaults to legato instead of sustain.

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    Re: sustain pedal muting notes

    Thanks for the suggestion. But no, it's not that. I've tried different settings, and I get no sound even when I've just got one instrument loaded. The keyboard is definitely sending midi data though
    Also, I've just realised it doesn't work with other VSTi's either, so I think it's a cubase problem. I'll try their forum. They're famous for their customer service, right? .
    Incidentally, I've tried using the bundled cubasis and the pedal doesn't seem to have any effect at all.

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    Re: sustain pedal muting notes

    Well it's weird, but the pedal problem 'fixed itself'. Yesterday I tried turning of and on, rebooting. Everything. But today it's working

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    I'm glad it fixed itself. Machines have a consciousness of their own! Pretty soon they will be wondering why our sustain pedals aren't working properly... Actually, I've been wondering about that myself.

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