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Topic: Sample triggering

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    Sample triggering


    I am facing the following problem ...

    converting (with CDxtract) a .sf2 bank
    to .gig
    On the virtual piano I play some notes
    with just a single mouse click and I hear the samples playing to their end.

    If converting from any AKAI CD (S1000 or S3000) to .gig I noticed that:
    On the virtual piano in order to hear the sample\'s full duration you have to hold
    the left mouse button for as long as needed.
    If you release it earlier the sound stops immediately!!

    Any ideas why this is happening?!!?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Sample triggering

    No release phase.

    In the Instrument editor check that release time on the amplitude envelope (EG 1) is not set to 0. If increasing it makes no difference try this workaround: Set the release time of the Filter envelope (EG 2) to 5 sec. Make sure the Filter pre-attack time is set to 0.

    I\'d be interested to know if this does not work

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