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Topic: Latest on Giga Tutorial Project!

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    Latest on Giga Tutorial Project!

    I\'ve been getting a lot of inquiries from people on this forum about this project. I\'ll keep it short since I\'m currently busy working on it full time. I took a short demo version (with 4 examples) to the NAMM show and showed it to many people and spread a few copies around Tascam and they seem to like it real well and are anxious to sell it for me. It looks like Tascam will indeed be my main distributor. (I would assume Northern Sounds will be able to carry it)

    Anyway, I\'m cleaning up all the dialog as we speak and then synching up all the elements this week. Next week I edit what I have and all that is left after that is to shoot a few more lessons and assemble those. We should be ready to manufacture something in a matter of weeks. The final list price will be $99.99 including a couple of full function instruments (DX 7 piano and a drum kit that you can assemble yourself once you go through the tutorials)
    Thanks for all the interest. Keep an eye out for info via Tascam for the official word. I think Tascam will also have some nice documentation ready in a similar time frame. The bases will be fairly well covered shortly for learning how to use the product.

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    Re: Latest on Giga Tutorial Project!

    At the risk of becoming a pariah on this forum, I\'m going to venture a guess as to why there hasn\'t been a deluge of sanguine replies to your post.

    This certainly is no reflection on your motivation in create the tutorial. We all cheered you on for your efforts, and hissed at Tascam for their , but now that we see the price tag, I\'ll guess that several members here are reflecting on irony of shelling out enough money for Giga to expect an in depth manual drenched in screen shots, tips n\' tricks, troubleshooting facts, etc etc....but not getting one.

    So now you\'ve put your talent and time into creating just what we\'ve all been craving. Even the most creative and experienced GS user probably has areas where we he/she hasn\'t penetrated the mysteries of GS. Your work is welcome.... but there\'s something that doesn\'t feel good about having to pay so much to get a real explanation of the stuff under the hood.

    I think there is a solution here, and that would be for Tascam to buy you out and make the tutorial available to registered owners. You win, we win, they win.

    I did notice that you said that Tascam would be offering some documentation at roughly the same time. I wonder what that will be. Maybe it\'s an excerpted version of what you just created. In that case, I apologize for being such an *** , and look forward to receiving a reasonable owners manual at last. Certainly there are people who will want to have the kind of training you will have made available. Others relish the thought of getting the info on our own, poring over an in-depth manual, and trusting that our intellects are up to the task.

    Additionally, there\'s the possibility that what you\'ve done is to go beyond what we\'d expect in an owners manual, and provide us with the fruits of your labour with GS, and insights into those difficult problems that, now and again, surface on this forum. In that case, I\'m a double *** , and I apologize to you sincerely.

    But sincerely, I do believe the Tascam buyout is the real solution here.


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    Re: Latest on Giga Tutorial Project!

    In a moment of self-doubt, I scanned the post I just made to Dave\'s announcement of the approaching release of the tutorial. I can\'t believe that a forum for (probably) unconventional and un-hung up people actually scans messages and bowdlerizes them!!! Good grief. What happens if I put \"*** \" in quotes. Can I get my dirty thoughts through then? Or, I could write ssa, and then give instructions that the word is to be read backwards. Hmmm... aassss, would work, and people could figure it out. Esel (german) will probably make it through the censor. I could say \"I\'m such anass\", and trick the thought control police. I\'m sure you guys could come up with lots of alternative strategies. But honestly, what\'s in a word. I\'ve always had a rueful disdain for this type of censorship. Whose idea is it to chop out such biliously offensive verbiage?

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    Re: Latest on Giga Tutorial Project!


    Gabriels has raised an interesting point. I have no problem with sending you $100 for this tutorial, to me it will be WELL worth it. I don\'t have time to play guessing games with my system, and this guide will be a Godsend.

    But I\'d hate to spend that money only to have Tascam license it and release it to the GS community for free (or $29.95.)

    Have you been in discussion with Tascam about this at all? Is there any possibility this scenario could come to pass, or has Tascam just said, \"Thanks, guys\"?


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