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Topic: Are developers wasting their time and money?

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    Are developers wasting their time and money?


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    Lightbulb Re: Are developers wasting their time and money?

    Heath - I think you'll see a lot more instruments coming with legato features built-in. Garritan was the innovator in the field with their Maestro Tools - and have proven that an effective job can be done within Kontakt. My understanding from them is that GOS2 will implement legato without using any outside tools. So with HALion, Kontakt, and GS3 (with their iMIDI and logic engine based on VSL's technology) every major sampler should have some built-in facility to control legato, alternation, and other features that professionals would consider to be de-facto for modern libraries. The developers who choose to not implement a legato feature will see their market share (and the relavency of ther products) naturally diminish.
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    Re: Are developers wasting their time and money?

    Quote Originally Posted by Not Dudley Simpson
    I get the feeling that as each new legato-less library emerges, opportunities (and customers?) are being lost. If developers are happy to let VSL clean-up in the field, then that's their business. However, IMO, they'd be crazy to let it go on much longer.

    I agree with Houston, Heath. I don't think it'll be very much longer.

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    Re: Are developers wasting their time and money?

    This should be something you see a lot, very soon.

    I hope to implement FX-MAX's AMP (rules) in my next library to handle the amount of data that will be needed to accomplish my goal. Including VSL-esque legato, the actual recording of the legato style.

    AMP automatically analyzes your midi data and can switch between different recorded articulations in real-time all from one midi channel. This has great possibilities for the future...
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    Thumbs up Re: Are developers wasting their time and money?

    Hey, that's very encouraging speculation! Nice.

    I hope GS3 lives up to everyone's expectations, especially the developer's who, from what you guys are saying, are already investing in the platform. The next 6 months are going to be very interesting.


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    Re: Are developers wasting their time and money?

    The other thing is that even though the legato samples are fantastic, they're not always the ones I use for a given line even if it wants notes in one bow or breath. Sometimes their attacks aren't the right speed, so I go through others until I find the right one.

    I'm certainly not saying that there's no point in the legato samples, because they're wonderful. It's just that there's nothing magical that makes them fit every phrase - which is why VSL has other articulations as well, and also why it's great having more then one library to pick from.

    A lot of the time you can still get pretty good legato phrases without the VSL tool, in other words.

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