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Topic: Outfoxed

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    For those of you that actually believe that FOX news is fair and balanced.

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    Re: Outfoxed

    OR check out todays show at:

    David Cole speaks at about 34 minutes into the show.

    This is the transcript:


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    Re: Outfoxed

    No comments from the O'Reilly Clan?

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    Re: Outfoxed

    HAHAHAHA you guys believe everything on tv like it's the Gospel. Unfortantly Many people don't know what to believe because all they see is what's on the news. I'd have to say, generally if I had to watch the news it would be Fox rather than Clinton News Network. Another sad thing is how much Propaganda actually works against most americans. Like that sad clip that someone posted with Saddam in it like it was A&E Biography show or something. What a bunch of crap. If people had even a little bit of a clue of what was going on in the world rather than believing everything on television and hating people because everyone hates him and basing their info on bunch of garbage statistics to make someone else look bad.... Why ? This is beyond me. Personally another thing that I could give 2 craps about is how smart someone is. Reading about how well educated John Kerry is compared to Bush. If you can do the job you can do the job. I took 2 AP physics classes my 10th and 11th grade year in HS just because I wanted to. I got A's in both of them. I suck at math, still though I did really good in those classes. Am I any better than someone else who maybe only had Biology and Chemistry? I don't think so. i know not really pertinent to this post specificly just venting I guess.

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    Re: Outfoxed

    Outfoxed was created and produced by moveon.org, the most leftist and biased organization on the planet. Of course they're going after Fox News, why wouldn't they? Fox news actually questions what moveon says, unlike the majority of the liberal press.
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    Re: Outfoxed

    Fox News is biased because Democracynow.org says so?


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    Re: Outfoxed

    Quote Originally Posted by wes37
    Fox News is biased because Democracynow.org says so?
    I can understand that people would believe DemocracyNow and MoveOn to be biased. I can't understand that people would believe that Fox News isn't biased. Tell me you don't believe that Wes!

    I didn't need anybody to tell me that Fox News was biased. Just watch O' Reilly or Hannity & Combs. Or when the war is being debated, try holding your breath until they interview a prominent member of an anti-war movement. Or when a controversial topic is presented by two sides, see if the host debates with the right-wing view, the left-wing view, or both. On other networks, the host will often play devil's advocate to both sides. On Fox News it's clear where the moderator stands.

    I agree that it's ridiculous that anyone would need a 3rd party to tell them that Fox News is biased.

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    Re: Outfoxed

    It was an afternoon in June when I got a call from Fox producer who says, do you want to come on the O'Reilly factor to talk about a story that day in the New York Times about the Guantanamo situation. I generally have declined going on O'Reilly. It's not the kind of show that I'm a fan of, but I think it's an important issue; I will go on the show. I went on the show, and I am sitting in the Washington studio. It's being recorded in New York. They're recording the intro that O'Reilly apparently always does to his show. It's an introductory commentary. In the course of this, O'Reilly says -- he was talking about the Iraq-al Qaeda connection, 9/11, et cetera, and says, the factor -- the O'Reilly Factor established the connection between Iraq and al Qaeda and here's what governor Tom Kean, the head of the 9/11 commission said about it this weekend. Then he play as clip in which Kean says something like we have found no evidence whatsoever of any connection between the Saddam Hussein and 9/11. However, we have found some contacts between – and at that point, O'Reilly interrupts very angry and says, we can't use this. We have to redo this whole thing. So, they -- so, there's silence for three minutes or so. They come back on. They re-record the introduction totally verbatim, except when they get to the Kean part, instead of putting on the sound bite, O'Reilly paraphrases and says over the weekend, the head of the 9/11 commission said they definitely found evidence of the connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. So, then we go into my segment, which is about this New York Times story, and O’Reilly's spin essentially is that the New York Times is lying to us, the New York Times is biased, and that bias is under mining people's resolve in the war on terrorism. He keeps characterizing the New York Times story as saying that the people in Guantanamo are innocent, there's no reason for them to be there. I keep saying, no, that's not what the New York Times story said. It said it was reporting on a C.I.A. Report that had found they had gotten very little intelligence from the people at Guantanamo and there were very few high level people at Guantanamo, mostly low-level people who didn't actually pose much of a danger. We go back and forth, the usual -- you know, very thoughtful exchange that you get on this kind of talk show. Until I keep saying -- you know, Bill, you are misleading your viewers by mischaracterizing what the New York Times is saying and you are criticizing the New York Times for mischaracterizing the facts and he says, no, I'm not. At which point I say, I might as well go for it and say, it seems to me, Bill, like it's the pot calling the kettle black because not five minutes ago I sat here and watched you re-record the introduction to your show in order to take out the head of the 9/11 commission saying there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to 9/11. At which point he just went ballistic, screamed at me, called me an s.o.b. at least three times. He said -- guaranteed that this part of the segment would not air, and said that I would never ever be called back to the show, which at the time I wasn't sure whether to take as a threat or a promise. But in any event, that's where he left it. Later that night, the show aired and there was bill O'Reilly fuming about the bias and spin of the New York Times, but leaving out both governor Kean's statement and my statement to O'Reilly about his own spinning of the al Qaeda - Hussein connection. That's the story.

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    Re: Outfoxed

    You losers should watch "Outfoxed". The clips speak for themselves.

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    Re: Outfoxed

    Of course Fox news is biased. It's biased just like much of the other news networks, only in the other direction. I personally do not care for any of them.

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