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Topic: OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?

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    OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?

    I know I'm way off topic here but....this is the only forum I read. I really want to try and sell some of my music. This , (TAXI) in theory seems like a big audience potential. Just wonerin if anyone made good from it?



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    Re: OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?

    I know of Taxi and some who have joined. It's been around for a long time but somehow it never got a lot of attention. Generally a secret in this industry doesn't stay secret for long which leads me to question whether the reason that Taxi never got popular is that it really doesn't work?

    At $300 annually I suppose is not a huge investment, I know that for some people it has more than paid for itself, but for many others it has not.

    If you ask me, some research on the web and around town might reveal better ways of networking and getting your music in the right hands. On the other hand, if you don't mind parting with the cost of say QLSO Silver, go for it!
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    Re: OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?

    I think it's a bunch of crap.... the pitch reads like a bad modeling school.

    They never mention who specifically they deal with... well, many red flags actually, if you are familiar with the business to any degree.

    I asked a music agent friend of mine what they thought of TAXI probably 4 years ago (not for me, for a friend, I never pay for stuff like that). Anyway the agent said "never heard of it".....

    General rule of thumb in the industry is never pay for anything. There's a second industry set up to make money off BS'ing people into believing they can "help" them... BS them into believing they have connections. When in fact they are their "own" industry, not related to the real one.... It's basically the "I have a dream to be famous" scam....


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    Re: OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?


    Imagine you charge people just enough to feel like, "well , that's not that much to make my dream come true". Just enough to make people feel like it's an "elite club".

    If you charged $300 a head per year and had half a million signed up how much could you bring in per year... and how much overhead do you have?

    And, is there any guarantee they find you work? Is there a guarantee they "try" to find you work?

    Just say'n....

    You'd do better to try and find a manager (no agent will take you so....?)


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    Re: OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?

    I signed up for Taxi four years ago, it seemed like a pretty legit operation. Although the listing was quite extensive, the orchestral department was fairly small - mainly library music gigs. I had several songs forwarded, but never heard back from them, so ultimately I got a refund (and they don't fuss!).

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    Re: OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?

    I think their motto is

    "Let Taxi Take You For A RIde!"


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    Exclamation Re: OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?

    Your odds are the same or better by putting in individual effort. You can just as easily get library placement by making contact with those houses directly and setting up rapport. TAXI not only charges you membership, but also a "nuisance fee" of $5 or so per submission (sometimes per song) - so it's an ongoing expense that you'd be better served toward travel expense to your nearby media capitol, a UPS account and long distance phone calls.

    I have a friend that swears by them for helping him gain traction in Nashville as a songwriter. But then again - that's right in the wheelhouse of this kind of service - and I have a feeling that his work would have been picked up the first day he walked into town, totally aside from the TAXI route. Good work gets work. The film music angle has all the feeling of an afterthought.
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    Re: OT:Anyone use or know about TAXI?

    I joined Taxi this year, figuring it was worth a shot. I've had a number of tracks forwarded, but haven't landed any deals yet. One deal should more than pay for it, so I guess I'll keep at it until it's time to renew, and then make a decision. At the very least, it gives me something specific to work on when I'm in between projects.

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