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Topic: WDM GSIF drivers?

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    WDM GSIF drivers?


    Ok...so terratec finaly released WDM GSIF for my EWS MT88...
    Now my question is, if I want to use SONAR under Win98SE with Gigastudio160 and use new WDM and WDM GSIF drivers, do I have to update gigastudio to 2.5? And will it work under 98SE?
    I know the perfect solution would be to go for XP, but I don\'t want to switch right now...


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    Re: WDM GSIF drivers?

    thanks dude,

    ...I just neaded \"freen light\" from somebody..
    I\'ll try it out tonight...


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    Re: WDM GSIF drivers?


    how did you install new terratec drivers..
    I did it and nothing works now...hahaha!...
    ...****, windows doesnt even play wav\'s in media player...
    well it\' going to be a long night..

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    Re: WDM GSIF drivers?

    First thing I did (after uninstalling the card) was go into c:\\windows\\inf\\other and c:\\windows\\inf and delete all instances of anything that says terratec or EWS...

    then i rebooted and applied the new drivers and then uninstalled the old control panel and installed the new one

    hope that helps

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    Re: WDM GSIF drivers?


    thats exactly what I did. Update and it works killer under 98SE.

    I\'m glad terratec finally got this out-

    good luck

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