Hi all,

Topic: If you are having and Bounce issues with Sonar 3.0 Producer:

With DFD settings of the pre-load buffer @384kb and Voice Buffer size @.075mb, I have found that the Bounce To track procedure works flawless in Sonar.

When using a setting of 600kb (Pre-load Buffer)and 600mb in the voice buffer, a large midi track to be bounced as a DXI using Kontakt v1.5 or 1.51 with DFD 1.24 could very well lock up Sonar 3.0 Producer. I have experimented with these DFD setting and wanted to share them with you.

My system is a 3.2ghz PIV HT with 2 Gigs Ram (PC 3200) Maxtor Drives, 80 gig and 200 gig (8MB cache..) Intel Motherboard

Alan Russell