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Topic: Garritan Personal Library

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    Garritan Personal Library

    I`m ready to purchase an orchestral library and would like some thoughts on the Garritan Personal Library. I`m impressed with the list of instruments and would like to know what users think and also will there be additional sounds and/or upgrades.


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    Re: Garritan Personal Library

    GPO is a great product and there are (free) upgrades in the works. The size of this forum is probably a good indicator of how well respected the Garritan product line is.

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    Re: Garritan Personal Library


    You should do a search here, there are many occasions of people giving their opinions on GPO, and hopefully these will help you decide.

    Yes, new sounds will be continually added. There is soon to be a jazz/big band/swing package available - I would list the instruments for you but I don't think most of them have been disclosed, think of like saxes, some more aggressive brass, brush drum kit, etc.

    There is also a choir on its way, and Gary's got a coupl eof other things up his sleeve (some big, some small) that haven't been discussed here yet.

    The Garritan Personal Orchestra is a great investment that will continue to grow, and as anyone can tell you, Gary is A+ with customer service, something that is even rarer than sample libs that pack this much punch.

    Hope you decide to join our family here...
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    Re: Garritan Personal Library

    That`s what I call a fast response! I`ll look around the forum but I think it`s safe to say that I`ll be buying this product.


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    Re: Garritan Personal Library


    Listening to the demos on the GPO website will give you a great idea of what it's capable of. http://www.gigastrings.com/mp3.html . For starters, try listening to the following, from the above site, as they'll give you a decent idea of its capability (miraculously, you can hear the pieces by clicking on the song titles from here ):-

    This Weeks Top GPO Demos

    GPO Adventure Francesco Marchetti 3.6 MB
    AlaskaHummie Mann2.0MB
    Tuscan AffairWilliam West3.7MB
    Flight of the BumblebeeSimon Burgess1.5MB
    Mozart Clarinet ConcertoDuncan Brinsmead2.5MB
    Joplin's Easy WinnersTom Hopkins1.4MB
    Debussy 'From a Sketchpad'Dan Powers4.6MB
    Stravinsky Rite of SpringJamie Kowalski2.7MB
    The Seventh SealFrancesco Marchetti2.5MB
    View of Mt. Fuji from EdoJamie Kowalski1.8MB
    Beethoven's Fifth Syphony James Ortner19MB
    WinterJames Carrillo 4.0MB

    Then there's dozens of other demos in every which way style to keep you busy.

    There's an upgrade in the wings too!


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    Thumbs up Re: Garritan Personal Library

    "Go For It! Life's not a dress rehearsal."
    Make sure you have a valid "Library Card".

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