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Topic: Was this a good buy?

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    Was this a good buy?

    Hey guys(and girls)

    I just recently bought the following off E-Bay:

    Peter Siedlaczek Extended Classical Choir 2
    Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra
    Voices of The Apocalypse
    Bösendorfer 290 Grand Piano
    GIGA Studio 2.54(160)
    GIGA Studio 3(160)
    TOTAL = $96.00

    All in retail Packaging, Unopened.

    Good Buy? Bad Buy? Comments....


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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    Have you recieved it yet? Looks like vaporware to me. I think you may have gotten shafted. If not, boy you got one hell of a deal.

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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    Oh Yes, I already have it, and im looking at all of the Boxes right here!


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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    So you've received Gigastudio 3.0, despite the fact that it hasn't actually been released yet?


    If you'd like to clarify for us the real situation, perhaps we can give a more informed opinion. On the basis of the information you've given, I'd say that's a phenomenally good price just for gigastudio 2.54, since the upgrade to 3.0 will be quite cheap. But at that price, with all those samples thrown in, it's almost certainly a crack and of no legal value. And the samples are of no legal value anyway, since the license they are sold with is non-transferrable.

    You have to be careful buying second hand software.

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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    If they're really unopened shrinkwrap, the licenses are still good. You invoke the license when you unseal them. Of course, they could be re-shrinwrapped. If the paper seals are virgins, you're likely legit.

    But the Giga 3.0? Unless you bought them from Future Man, you sure as heck don't have a shrinkwrapped 3.0.

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    Question Re: Was this a good buy?

    But at that price, with all those samples thrown in, it's almost certainly a crack and of no legal value.
    Just to add (but not to open up an entirely new discussion)... isn't reselling software illegal? Also, what do you mean by "a crack and of no legal value"? For $96.00, I'd say it's an incredible deal!... despite the questionable GS3 listing.

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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    If you look on ebay and compare prices that this stuff usually goes for, I'd say you most likely have illegal copies that were made to look legit. There is no way an auction for retail GS 2.5 and VOTA would get by at that low a price.

    And $96 isn't an incredible deal if the copies are illegal. I guess you'll find out when you try to register them.

    Can you post a link to the completed auction? I couldn't find it.

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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    Alright, to make something clear, its an advanced version that wont work on SOME systems yet. I don't know exactly how someone got it, but the fact is, its here. I havent opened them tey, because im still on vacation and had it delivered to my Cousins house where I'm at. So I guess I can answer more of your questions in about 3 days.


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    Re: Was this a good buy?

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    Re: Was this a good buy?

    Yep. Thats it.

    Despite the fact it says "no retail packaging", Im sitting here and looking AT the retail packaging.

    Heres the E-mail from the seller:

    "i sent you both gigastudio 2.54 and 3.0. one thing to note, the 3.0 is
    an advance release and may not work on all systems, check to make sure.
    do not install it if you plan on installing version 2.54. i would
    recommend version 2.54 first. be sure to read all the installation

    I got this because i Sent the money order for 96 bucks, and got the promotional GS 2.5 and the advanced 3 release.

    Guess I can tell you guys how it is after i get it installed?

    Am I now the most hated person on the forum?


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