NDB Pipe Organ Samples for GigaStudio 3 is now available for preorder.

Main features (exceeds the old version in just about anything):

- 2 symphonic organs (part of world heritage)
- over 60 stops, combinations and special effects (including those wished) to perform the whole pipe organ literature without compromises
- over 20 GB of samples in 48 kHz / 24 bit (recordings in 96/32) on 6 DVDs
- real cathedral reverbs (impulse responses), one of them shipping with GigaStudio 3 so even other libraries can benefit
- real swellbox effect (impulse response measured inside the symphonic organ)
- tremolo effect
- crescendo effect

Available editions for both versions of GigaStudio:

- Full Edition for EUR 350 ($419) MSRP (6 DVDs)
- Compact Edition for EUR 99 ($119) MSRP (symphonic organ essentials on 1 DVD)
- Custom Edition for custom price

Upgrades for registered users of the previous edition:

- the whole library is downloadable for free
- or could be ordered for media price + shipping


- shipping on the same day when GigaStudio 3.0 is released
- also available at your favourite sample dealer & major music stores worldwide


- you can find a constantly growing list of downloadable .gig files, video demonstration and sound demos at the product website