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Topic: The enless upgrading

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    Angry The enless upgrading


    I´m a Gigasampler 64 user. Gigasampler (the old one) was right for me under Windows 98.

    At the end of the last year i decided to bought a new computer but as it was said that Gigastudio 3 was just to be in shops very soon i decided to wait so i could have the best computer i could afford for the Giga.

    Six months after in May i decided to bought the computer because it looked as if Giga 3 was already out.

    Now my Problem: i have a new computer since almost two months. As its a new one i decided to forget about Winows 98 (for obvious reasons) and installed XP.

    BUT Gigasampler 64 doesn´t work under XP, So in the en of May i deicided to bought an upgrade BUT Nemesys page only have upgrade from Gigastudio to gigastudio, not gigasampler-gigastudio.

    So i decided to buy it in any shop located in Spain BUT they don´t have upgrades. It just was finished.

    So i decided to contact directly the Gigasampler distribuitor in Spain BUT they´re as much asttosnished as we are. The upgrades are finish, they´re waiting for Giga 3.

    So i decided to bought it in any shop in the world BUT, this kind o Upgrade doesn´t exist anywhere in the world.

    Two months after i have a gigacomputer without giga.

    Giga is a great product but Nemesys or now TASCAM is BY FAR THE LESS SERIOUS COMPANY IN THE WORLD. Sorry for people working there but.... well, better i´m not going to said what i´m thinking.

    P.D. Please Steinberg, a crossgrade to Halion 3, Please.

    P.D. Tascam ¿PROFESSIONAL? Audio. Please Just Amateur (and not a good one)

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    Re: The enless upgrading


    I can understand your feelings of frustration. I looked at the Tascam site for what you could do. I find that you could buy now GS 32 for $99.- . At least with this you would not be "silent". From this, when GS3 comes out, you can upgrade to GS3 Solo for $ 129. I do not know how much you have invested in samples. If not too much, It maybe better for you to go to Garritan Personal Orchestra, you would be creating next day with it. If you invested too much in samples for Giga, then, depending on how much money you want to spend, you can buy either GS32 or GS96 now, and save on upgrading to GS3.
    I do not know if this helps or not, I am just feeling sorry for you to be without your music. I wish I could give you what I have, Gigasampler 29 to Gigastudio 96, all the upgrades in between and I will never use them again, but I do not think this would be legal.

    Good luck


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    Re: The enless upgrading

    Hi Ted and thanks for your reply…and your support.

    I have many Giga libraries so GPO is not now between my favourite “maybe” buy.

    I also know I could buy Gigastudio 32 but it´s not enough for me, I need at least 96. I could also buy directly Giga 96 but I don´t want to invest so much money in Giga platform until Gigastudio 3 start and I can decide if this software is enough good as to invest my money in such a terrific company or to change to Halion or Kontak. But overall there is another reason, I don´t want to Spend 99$ in a Tascam product to have Gigastudio 32 just because TASCAM absolute incompetence can´t give me an upgrade to Gigastudio 96 just for almost the same price. I don´t want TASCAM improve their benefits with this issue.

    I´m an amateur musician but i like to make my music right, that´s why i spend a lot of money in pro-software and pro-libraries (it´s an expensive hobby).
    It´s a lot of effort for me ($$$$) to buy all i need to have in my studio. If i buy a small plug-in just for 30$ to a small company (normally just a programmer) and i make a question to tech support and they take four weeks to reply then ,good... it´s not right but i can understand it. But if i pay a small fortune (i´m not saying it´s expensive) for a product like Gigasampler that is the state-of-the-art in the sampling world, and that they don´t let me try their product before the purchase because they don´t to have a demo then i want to have light speed support.

    When i first bought Gigasampler i make them a question for three times and i´m just waiting the reply several years after... And now it´s six months that their upgrades are not in the market....

    Thanks and sorry if I bored you with my cries ;-)

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    Re: The enless upgrading

    Hello Sanna:
    Just that you know, I am not working with or involved with Tascam, so I do not wish to help selling their products. However, if you intend to buy GS3 when it is out anyway then consider:
    I was using GS96 which was enough polyphony for me. Someone on the forum about three months ago suggested to me to upgrade to GS160, then I can upgrade to GS3 Orchestra for $50. This is a big saving for me, so I did it. Now I am running GS160 and waiting (how long?) for GS3.If you pay the price now of GS160, since you would buy it after Jan/04, you would have to pay also just 50 to get to GS3. You would have to do the math, if this would be less expensive for you than a straight buy of GS3. Seems that you are committed to GS3 anyway and unfortunatly, Gigasampler is NOT the state of the art software anymore. Question is, when do you wish to stop upgrading. For me, this $50 will be the last money I spend with Tascam or any other company offering even more bells and wistles....

    Again, good luck


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    Re: The enless upgrading

    Hi Ted:

    Thanks for your advices.

    Anyway yesterday one of the shops that take note of my phone "in the case we found an upgrade" phone me.... They have one :-). At least.

    They asked for my CD key and they´re now waiting Tascam authorize them to send me the package (i´m now afraid of this, hope this don´t take much time).


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