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Topic: Amazed by Echo Audio Support and Repair

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    Amazed by Echo Audio Support and Repair

    Hey there,

    I bought a Gina 24 used on eBay and the Headphone Volume Pot on the
    breakout box was a bit loose and static resulted when turning it.

    My mistake, not reading the full description, and jumping on a $175.00 buy it now.

    OK well ... whatever.

    I call Echo and ask about possibilities of an RA number.
    I *totally* explained that it was just bought used and was broken when I got it.

    He said, here's your number, send it back and we'll fix you up.
    I ask, "can you guesstimate a charge?"

    He says, "Don't worry about it. No Charge."

    They didn't even charge me for return shipping!

    Repair description:
    "Replaced the cvard and the breakout box." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a wonderful surprize in a usually disappointing world of business!

    Steve Karl

    P.S. On the down side. UPS sux!
    The box was pretty trashed when it got here.

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    Yes, I have been very pleased with Echo. They are a solid firm.
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    Re: Amazed by Echo Audio Support and Repair

    Sounds good, my next card might be an Echo. I have an Audiophile 2496, and a couple of years ago I had problems with this card. M-audio excelled in ignoring my calls for help, so after that experience I prefer to stay away from M-Audio products. Others may have different experiences though, and almost every brand has their satisfied and unsatisfied customers.


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    Re: Amazed by Echo Audio Support and Repair

    I bought a Gina and eventually took it back because I could not get it to work. I spent a few hundred more and got a MOTU 2408 and that's been a great card. The Gina seemed to run extremely hot too, like you couldn't keep your hand on it it was so hot. Maybe this is why it didn't work. I don't know.
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