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Topic: URGENT! Can't start the computer!!

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    URGENT! Can\'t start the computer!!


    I can\'t startup one of my PC\'s. It keeps just saying that \"cannot find a device file that may be needed to run Windows or a Windows App


    if I \"press a key to continue\" several times it then eventually tells me there isn\'t enough memory to open windows (98 SE).

    Sometimes I can get to the options screen and I got it to go through the step by step option, which reported: HIMEM.SYS is missing

    Anybody have some suggestions?

    I tried booting from a floppy start up disk, but it does the same: IE won\'t start up and gives me the above messages etc.

    The windows 98 manual was useless, as was the microsoft support website.

    All this did begin with an illegal operation (??!!) that crashed the computer whilst running Gigastudio.

    PIII/850 mhz (or thereabouts!)
    500 megs
    Windows 98SE

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    PS Can I start from the CD rom (Windows 98) and how? Restarting whilst pressing control leads me to the same messages..


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    Re: URGENT! Can\'t start the computer!!

    Downloaded the latest ifsmgr.vxd for Windows 98SE (it\'s actually in a bugfix), give me your email address, I can send you the file and instructions for replacing the file in DOS.

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    Re: URGENT! Can\'t start the computer!!

    Ahh yeah, you might not want to give out your email address on here.

    Drop me an email:


    (leave out the *\'s)

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