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Topic: Getting more realistic...

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    Getting more realistic...

    What kind of reverb do you use with your orchestal compositions? I have heard many demos here that sound very realistic, the instruments sound like they should in a real hall, but I just can´t get that sound! I am currently using Waves TrueVerb, and after lots of tweaking I may be getting closer, but I wonder if I am missing something here? What other plugins do you use?
    This is a music that I wrote last week:


    I would like to hear your oppinion about the realism of the recording, I believe it was the best I could get so far. Be welcome to make comments on other aspects of the composition either!
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    Re: Getting more realistic...

    very good composition , it has a holstian feeling at the beginning

    btw which library you used ?

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    Re: Getting more realistic...

    Thanks for your nice comment John!

    I used SI and SAM, the piatti and timpani are London Percussion.

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    Re: Getting more realistic...

    It might be a good idea to link to an mp3. There aren't many people that are going to d/l an unknown exe file.

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    Re: Getting more realistic...

    I like Waves IR-1. Excellent.

    But GigaPulse is every bit as interesting a convolution engine, with really wide-ranging positioning options. Literally over 100 impulses in some of the larger surround sets. It is very unique in that way. You also get a microphone modeler with a large array of studio standards. If you're a GigaStudio user, it's worth the full upgrade to Orchestra, to get the complete convolution set/engine and the content alone.

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    Re: Getting more realistic...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tokyo Joe
    It might be a good idea to link to an mp3. There aren't many people that are going to d/l an unknown exe file.
    You are right, here is an mp3 link to the file:


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