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Topic: "Old Lady" Piano question

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    "Old Lady" Piano question

    Hi folks,

    Is this piano just a library for a host sampler, or does it come with one of those Kompakt player things? How bad is the registration proceedure with the Post pianos? Anything as awkward as the Native Instrument pieces?


    mgr, Legacy Lab

    PS: We have full Kontakt version and wish to bypass the Kompakt stuff entirely.

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    Re: "Old Lady" Piano question

    Old Lady is simply a sample library (and an excellent one, I might add).
    No samplers included and no pesky challenge/response routines.

    Depending on version you buy (Giga, Kontakt, etc...), you'll recieve the DVD with samples, manual and a Kontakt patch file (in Kontakt case) or a GIG file (in Giga case how I recieved) and a manual.
    Jan Nemecek

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