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Topic: My first GS setup

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    Question My first GS setup

    Hey guys, I have a general question for my 1st GS setup. Heres what all I have:

    Comp Specs:
    AMD Athlon XP 2000+ OC'd to 1.8 ghz
    256 MB PC3200 RAM
    SOYO KT-600 ULTRA mobo
    Sys HD of 6 gb
    Sample HD of 20 gb
    Windows XP SP1
    16x DVD-ROM
    Geforce FX 5200 ULTRA 128 mb Vid card
    Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Surround Sound Card

    Sample Libraries:
    S.I. Amps and Pickups Pack 1&2
    S.I. Drum Series 1
    Yellow Tools Pure Guitars
    Peter Siedlaczek Extended Advanced Orchestra
    Peter Siedlaczek Extended Classical Choir 2
    Voices of The Apocalypse
    Bösendorfer 290 Grand Piano
    Symphonic Adventures

    Composition Tools
    Anvil Studio
    DirectMusic Producer 9
    GIGA Studio 2.5 (will be upgrading)

    Misc Tools
    CDXTract 4.5
    Audio Compositor 4.5

    Now my question is this: What still do I need?

    I know i need a GSIF compatible sound card, so what can you reccomend? Also, is my CPU and Ramn going to be good enough? and the music I will be composing is video game orchestral music, Country, and Classical Orchestra music. Any additional sample libraries?

    Keep in mind, I sent a lot of money already, and I only have abut $350 left for this.

    Please help me,

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    Re: My first GS setup

    Is your CPU capable of what? Running Gigastudio 3? It will probably run it, but I don't know if you'll get much use out of Gigapulse. The computer could probably use at least another 256 MB of ram, although I'd say that 1 gig of ram is the minimum nowadays. Are those hard drive capacities right? I didn't think you could buy a system drive that small anymore. More hard drive storage would be a must, if these numbers are correct. If you are on a budget M-audio is a fine Giga card from what I've read and the Egosys cards are nice budget cards as well. They both have decent GSIF drivers and have very nice ASIO drivers as well.

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    Re: My first GS setup

    I was also looking at M-Audio, but are there any specific models to look for? and yes, that is my CURRENT PC config. How much storage space do you think would be good?

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    Re: My first GS setup

    M-audio is not to shabby, I have the audiophile no problems, I also have 2 echo Mia Midi, had some issues at first with the drivers working with win Xp but It is all gravy now. Storage space for sample librarys, I'd say min of 80 gig. Many newer library's are shipping on DVD now which means much larger library's. I have 2 80 gig seagate baracuda forgot specific typs but its the one with 8 meg cache. The WD ones are ok, but they tend to get loud at times. My other comp has a WD raptor that first came out, and sometimes it gets loud, but it also is 10,000 instead of 7,200.

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    Re: My first GS setup

    I use an Audiophile (their most reasonable GSIF compatible option,) and I recommend it as I think others would as well. The other Delta cards offer more in the way of input/outputs, but its a trade off with what you really need and price. As far as storage goes, to date, I've shied away (when building GS computers for others) from using the largest drives available (mostly due to long term reliability due to the thinness of the plates in the drives). How many drives can your system take? It seems Giga system's do better when the sample libraries are spread out over multiple drives to keep the data moving down different channels. The last VSL computer I built, I seperated the libraries out (brass on one drive, winds/percussion on one, and strings on another) so that no drive was bearing too much burden during playback. The one computer maxes out polyphony in 160 and should be able to push more voices. Giga craps out on voices long before the computer has issues. Just some thoughts on how to maximize your computer.

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    Re: My first GS setup

    Hmm, how much are Audiophiles?

    Also, i can hold:

    4 Internal, and i have like, 6 FireWire ports, and a USB 2 port.

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    Re: My first GS setup

    Audiophiles are about 150 US dollars. Is that 4 IDE ports total? That would give you two after you count the DVD and OS drive. I would put in 2 120 GB Seagates with an 8MB cache. I would say that the minimum number of sample drives would be three, but unless you take out the DVD drive and use a conversion kit to make it external then this won't work. Two drives should get you a decent amount of voices if you use them wisely. Just decide what instruments do you use primarily (say strings and brass) and make sure they are on seperate drives. Then you could just put other samples on those drives with them.

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    Re: My first GS setup

    Hmm...alright that sounds good. Although, I have 2 Hdds, and 2 CD rom drives, one a DVD and one a CDRW, so if i were to eliminate the one 5 GB HDD and the CDRW drive for now, id have room for 2 120's. i also have an SATA port on my mobo.

    Also, can anyone else think of any other sample libraries i'd need?

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