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Topic: Oriental Instruments?

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    Oriental Instruments?

    I've been looking at getting some traditional chinese and japanese instrument sounds, however the only sample libraries I can find tend to be straight sample sets - single hits and loops and such like, not true performance sample libraries (ie keymapped samples etc).

    Does anyone know of any that would suit me?

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    Re: Oriental Instruments?

    Spectrasonics' Heart of Asia is perfect if you are actually LOOKING for performances and phrases.


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    Re: Oriental Instruments?

    Also EthnoWorld 2 has nice performances.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Oriental Instruments?

    Sorry I think I may have my terminology mixed up here.

    What I am after is NOT something that is just a load of samples of little loops, riffs, melodies etc of people playing the instruments, rather something more in line with the sampled orchestral libraries out there with individual notes mapped accross the keyboard so that you can play the 'instruments' yourself. I'm not sure what the exact terminology to distinguise the two is here, perhaps someone would care to enlighten me?

    Or perhaps you knew what I meant all along and those recommendations are exactly what I'm after

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    Re: Oriental Instruments?

    I think the proper phrase is multi-samples not performance samples. Of course, I'm an idiot, so I could be wrong too. Does Rare Instruments have some multisamples of oriental instruments? That may be more of what you're looking for.

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    Re: Oriental Instruments?

    Rare Instruments does feature a few very well programmed asian multi-sample instruments, most notably Taiko Drums and Erhu. I use it all the time and I love it. I believe that the Ethno World libraries have a larger collection however. Also, you are correct in that "multi-sample" is the terminology used to indicate a sampled instrument that can be played note for note on a keyboard, but then you were probably just being modest anyway. :-)

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    Re: Oriental Instruments?

    In that case, I would also reccomend Ethno World 2 but only based on what Ive heard.


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    Re: Oriental Instruments?

    one question, I can't find the difference between Ethno World and Ethno World 2 ? Are they only two volumes (different instruments) from a libary or is Ethno World2 only the newer and better library ?

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    Re: Oriental Instruments?

    Try this - very good


    All the best

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