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Topic: Aaaaargh! irritating Sibelius

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    Aaaaargh! irritating Sibelius

    I just made a set up on my new laptop.

    All GPO studio's show up as devices. So far so good.

    The microsoft GS Wavetable doesn't make a sound. GPO studio1 plays the microsoft sounds. GPO studio2 plays the GPO studio1 sounds. Rather irritating as I can't figure out what is going on. I just changed from a mac. Any ideas? Please....


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    Re: Aaaaargh! irritating Sibelius

    What are you using as a sound card? And, assuming you are using an external card, have you disabled onboard sound?

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    Re: Aaaaargh! irritating Sibelius


    It seems you have a configuration issue. Go into your control panel of your sound card and set it to ASIO (GPO studio requires ASIO or an ASIO emulation like ASIO4ALL). Your outputs should be GPO Studio and disable the MS GS Wavetable. See if this helps and if not contact me and we'll get you going.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Aaaaargh! irritating Sibelius

    Dear Gary,

    Thanks for the help. I couldn't find any asio settings in my internal card but changed the midi output to GPO and that got rid of the MS Wavetable thingy. Of course now I can ONLY use GPO for the sounds. There are worse things I have to admit.....

    Since I am on my way now: is it possible to load the files I create in GPO studio into the GPO vst instruments?

    I am making an orchestra template for Sibelius and would like to use the same in a sequencer for the editing. Can I copy those files into the multi folder (if I can find it...everything seems just a bit different from my mac)?


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