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Topic: The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

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    The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

    Anyone bought a system from Soundchaser?

    Would you like to share with us how Soundchaser configures the Operating System which makes it so stable?

    For example share with us:
    System settings, Vcache and all the settings you currently see when you go into your Windows system.

    I am interested to see why there systems are so stable.

    This would be greatly appreciated

    Please share some light, it is dark in here!!


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    Re: The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

    I didn\'t get my prefabbed puter from Soundchaser, but did from a Canadian Co.
    After loading Xp on both of those systems, I realized that they didn\'t do any tweaks to get everything running smooth.
    They just install quality parts, and now the technoloy is there to support what we need to do.
    Even my case is quality.. It weigh\'s like 8lbs with nothin in it.
    Realize too that Soundchaser will most likely not sell ya a bleeding edge puter cause they want proven stability..
    My Asus boards are both reliable as hell, but only allow 512 ram in them..
    I know when I had these 2 systems built that motherboards were already supporting more ram, But I was frustrated, and wanted to work.
    I doubt too that anyone is gonna give ya the goods on their systems, as they paid out their *** . They\'ll expect you to do the same.

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    Re: The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

    Are Soundchaser systems really that stable? I\'m not suggesting they\'re not, I\'m just asking the question.

    There seems to be a lot of people who get crashes, and many more who don\'t (I\'m one of the lucky ones).

    I doubt it can be simply \'quality parts\', because it\'s hard to find \'poor\' quality parts. I re-built my system for Giga and spent a lot of time researching the best set up (disbling USB, correct slots, best hard drives etc.) but I wouldn\'t want to lay the blame for crashes at the door of every user.

    Soundchaser have great prices for Libraries etc., and I\'ve bought stuff from them and been very happy, but I suspect that the premium you have to pay to get them to build a system is only worth it if you know nothing at all about PCs (that\'s why I ask if their systems are completely stable). And using \'trusted\' parts (which could mean slower chips etc) isn\'t really an issue - it just means it\'s dirt cheap for Soundchaser to build these systems.

    It may be that Nemesys just didn\'t have the time to fully QA the software. This would also explain the lack of decent documentation.

    But now it\'s a TASCAM product. A new release is out, and still there is nothing whatever (anywhere) that outlines what the differences are for WIN98 users (a note on the site proclaiming WIN 200/XP support doesn\'t tell us what\'s new - if anything).

    I\'m certainly not upgrading, but I can\'t for the life of me understand why there are no release notes (at least telling us that nothing has changed).

    Gigastudio is magnificent. I absolutely love the product, and now it\'s in the hands of a large company, it\'s time for these guys to pony up with some docs. Otherwise, people will be paying a premium for \'stable\' systems, when there really is no need.

    Tascam had the time to port it to the new platforms, but not to document the changes (or absence thereof)? This is a twenty minute job. What gives?

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    Re: The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

    There were many of the SoundChaser DAWs at NAMM. I didn\'t see a single one crash the whole time. We were using 3 of them in the Garritan Orchestral Strings booth without any problems. I\'m sure the other exhibitors chose these units for the stability they have. They use standard components but definitely not cheap standard components. The cases they use are not cheap. By the time you add up the parts, MIDI and sound card interfaces, GigaStudio 160 plus the 3 GB of sounds they come with it would add up.

    I always thought that the DAW\'s were overpriced but after talking to Mikey Seltzer of SoundChaser about what was in the machines and then seeing them in action - I would say the price is right.

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    Re: The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

    Thanks for the reply Haydn. But this leaves with a few alternatives.

    I keep seeing people complain about crashes. If Soundchaser systems \'never\' crash, then the logical conclusion can only be that the people who are complaining are not configuring their systems properly. But I\'ve seen posts from people who absolutely \'seem\' to have done everything suggested by Nemesys/Tascam.

    Therefore, there must be \'information\' somewhere that absolutely ensures that these systems do not crash (as a result of Giga use). It simply cannot be the lack of \'quality\' parts. IMB Deskstars cost less than $100 but they\'re high quality, surely. I picked up 512MB RAM for $40 - the \'quality\' is great - it\'s not branded but it works fine.

    As to quality parts ensuring stability: while a nice sturdy case is certainly a plus, I can\'t see how a generic case would cause a crash (at least while sitting there on a desk - if it is dropped or whatever then that\'s different).

    I\'m absolutely not saying that Soundchaser don\'t \'deserve\' whatever they get for their systems, I\'m just saying that you can get a 2GHz system with tons of memory, a couple of super fast hard drives etc., etc, for around $850 (you can choose your sound card/midi interface from a variety of \'recommended\' cards - I have a \'cheap\' Audiophile 24/96 and it works like a dream).

    There is obviously an \'information gap\' here. The guys at Soundchaser cannot have some magical solution that the rest of us are not privvy to.

    The only other conclusion is that the people who get crashes indeed have set their systems up badly.

    I would concede that this is almost certainly true for a high percentage of the crash \'victims\' (we all know the experience of \'getting it right\' over a period of time by trial and error with any software problem) but it also inevitably leads back to the conclusion that a properly documented procedure is indeed all the user needs: There is no hidden \'magic\' happening at Soundchaser.

    After all, the whole point of a software sampler is so that users do not need to buy specific pieces of hardware; we can all install it right there on our home computers (or buy better cases/sound cards etc., if we dare to play it live).

    TASCAM have to get the message that we need PROPER DOCUMENTATION.

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    Re: The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

    Ok the basis of this conversation is that soundchaser Pc\'s never crash.
    Lets back up .
    Just because noone saw a soundchaser crash at the Naam show , doesn\'t mean that they are rock solid.
    I\'ve had friends over to my house when I ran giga studio, but it has never crashed while someone was here, although it has crashed when I used it by myself.
    Just representing the randomness and the infrequency of my crashes.
    I would not call my system rock solid and its just a pc that I put together my self.

    I will use Donnie for a example because he has posted the most info about his soundchaser pc.
    When he bought it he was very happy with it and said most importantly that it never pops and clicks [considered one of the biggest probs with gigastudio/sampler] and then a few weeks later he said he was actually starting to have pops and clicks with his Athlon 1.2 soundchaser machine with the RME card, the pops and clicks just didn\'t show there ugly head sooner.
    I would like to hear from soundchaser users to see if they really never crash.
    The only computer that I know of like that is my friends Mac G4.
    If they are really more stable , do soundchasers have inside info from nemesys about system compatability and setup?
    I would like to know the configuration of Nemesys turn key rackmount sampler.
    From what I have picked up from conversations from Nemesys, post here etc, the asus a7v-266 is a stable motherboard[but it does not support ata133 and usb 2.0]matrix video cards G-400 or G-450 seem stable and right now the RME cards seem to be the card of choice , but last time I checked they did not yet support win XP.

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    Re: The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

    I didn\'t say that SoundChaser systems never crash. I did not see one crash the couple days I was at the show. I spent a fair amount of time in the GOS booth and the 3 machines ran perfect - no crashes, blue screens, pops, etc.

    SoundChaser likes to use only a couple configurations which allows them to tweak them to there fullest. Also, the systems are tweaked as a stand-alone Giga system without using other software such as sequencers, games, word processors, etc.

    I still believe that a computer literate person can build a working system that is as problem free as a SoundChaser system. Sometimes we are using cutting edge systems with the latest greatest motherboards, video cards, etc. that have not been tested by Tascam. It is almost impossible for Tascam to test all configurations with the variety of gear that is available. There is probably as many different hardware configurations around as Giga users.

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    Re: The tweaks inside a Soundcahser DAW!!

    This is why I wish to know the tweaks inside a Soundcaher Daw. Anyone willing to share their OS 98 settings inside the DAW? They must be setting values and tweaking the OS. I wish to know how they did it so I can see how it differs from Tascams Daw Config>

    Anyone willing?

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