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Topic: Porting .gig files to GS 2.5

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    Porting .gig files to GS 2.5

    Now that GS 2.5 is out of beta, I\'ll be migrating to either Win2000 or XP -- in the process I\'ll wipe the hard drive and install everything clean. Question is, when I copy my existing GS performance files now and reload them after reinstalling everything, will I be able to open these files in the new GS? (I tried this once in the past and it didn\'t work).

    Also, which is more stable for GS -- 2000 or XP?

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    Re: Porting .gig files to GS 2.5

    All file formats remain the same from 2.2 to 2.5.

    XP or 2k? I think different people have had different experiences. I\'d personally recommend 2k.

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    Re: Porting .gig files to GS 2.5

    You should not need to reinstall your gigs if your system is setup properly. As long as your gigs are on another drive from system partition (Drive C: usually), you should just need to wipe your system partition. If your system isn\'t setup this way, now is the time to do it. If you only have one hard drive, now is the time to go and purchase another one for your gig files.

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