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Topic: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

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    Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    After a lot of thinking, I have decided to get either GPO or EWQLSO Silver. My current libraries are "Symphony of Voices" and "Advanced Orchestra", which I use with my XV-5080.
    I just resently bought the AO library and think it would be a shame if I would have to put it aside because of a new and better sounding soft-library. It may sound weird but I won't get satisfied knowing that I have wasted money on a new library. Therefore it is important to me that either GPO or EWQLSO Silver would blend well with the old AO. AO has got many articulations and "phrase" samples that the two above-mentioned does not have, like Glissandos and natural crescendos and up-and-down glides on the French horns. Many of the sounds are good I think, but the strings are the weakest link in the chain.

    I would appreciate if YOU, the people who own either GPO or EWQLSO Silver could tell me your opinion about the different libraries. If you also own AO, how does it blend with them? Ease of use is also important!

    I also would like to know if my current sequencer Cakewalk Pro 8.0 is not compatible with the softlibraries. Would I have to buy a new VST-sequencer to run GPO or EWQLSO Silver?

    I'm composing film-score/game-score influensed music, by the way!

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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    I dont layer AO much with Silver, but when I have it works very well. Silvers strings are a lot better imo than GPO's, and while I havent layered AO strings with Silvers I think they'd compliment each other well.


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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver


    Are you a registered user of GPO?


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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeannot Welter

    Are you a registered user of GPO?
    I should have stated that I am not a user. However I have heard several complaints about the strings from other users, and personally I havent heard a demo yet that makes me think Im wrong. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.


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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    Unfortunately, this topic will be unneccesarily heated. I would think that both libraries would offer something in the way of complimenting AO. However, which is best... That's a loaded question around here. You will have to make that decision for yourself. The are both quality libraries that bring something to the table. They are, however, born from different philosophies and styles. As said above, listen to the demos and make your choice based on what you feel is right for your way of playing and what sound you want out of it. I will say that I don't feel that the strings are a weak spot in GPO, they are perfect for what they were intended to be, and sound quality is superb. It has also been said that GPO cannot do epic film music, which I know will soon be put to rest. But, alas, its all a matter of preference. Listen to the demos, cruise the forums for suggestions, and base your decision on what you need the library to do. If you have questions that can't be answered on the forum, contact the respective developers, I'm sure they do the best they can to answer any questions you may have. On a side note. GPO comes with a sequencer (Cubase VST), and will work as a DXI (however, not as nice as VST, I think). You could also use the GPO Studio VST hosting program which gives you 8 instances of GPO and can be used with just about any notation/sequencing program.

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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    If you have the money get both. They compliment each other and they both have upgrade paths to differing career libraries & both use the same sample engine so you could purchase kontakt and run them in the same instance if you wished.

    They both come with a DXi plugin so your existing sequencer will be just fine, ideally you want say a 512+ of ram in order to arrange either as you see fit. GPO currently does not support disk streaming in its plugin till the patch is released for it so memory requirements may be greater for that.

    Hope that helps your decision

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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    maybe it's and old war...I've noticed that people aren't anymore so "heat" about this argoument..so maybe we can give a better informations to users without flaming at all.
    I'll give my 2 cents, I own both...

    My impression is about two really different sounds.
    Gpo has an overall darker sound, more classical and intimate related where Silver has a brighten and more "pumping" sound.
    The strange thing is that the best of one is the less better of the other.

    Imho the strongest features of the two are:

    Silver: Brass, then percussions and strings. The brass are really my favourite expecially for such a cheap library, trombones and horns sounds really good, they can compete with more expensive library.
    Strings are a little bright, but easily tweakable with filter to make them darker.
    Cellos are imho the best strings instrument of the library expecially for solo lush passages on higher notes.
    Percussions and mallets have a good presence expecially on timpani, bass dums and glocken.
    I love the piano.

    Gpo: woodwinds, then strings and percussions.
    Woods are my favourite feature of the library, they are well programmed and a lot of instruments were sampled. So you can experiment using many different, and not so available, instruments (ex. contrabass clarinet). All timbres are balanced and quite usable.
    The solo violins are quite good, expecially for layering on ensemble.
    The ensemble strings have a bit too vibrato for my personal usage, but suit well for passages a la Debussy and can be layered with solo.
    The percussions and mallets are good, a little less dynamic than the silver ones, but more instruments.
    The piano and harp sound good.

    If they were blended in a single library it could be the best sketch tool available imho.

    Obviously I mentioned only a few features of the two libraries and the ones I prefer. All impressions are really personal and cannot be applied to everyone.

    As other said, listening demos is the best way to give a confrontation with my impressions, so listen and evaluate yourself.

    no...no...what I did!!!....

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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    I own both GPO and Silver. After several months with both I prefer Silver, overall.

    By the way - Unless you have money to burn I dont think I could recommend buying both; there will be an awful lot of redundancy.

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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    Its really the wrong approach to ask people here what they prefer Shantar.

    There's even a point being made in this very thread that if you go back even a few months seem "flipped" from what was being "argued" before on this site.

    Truth is. Listen to the demos, and read the info on each products sites. There are definite strengths with both libraries, and the sound that YOU is all in YOUR personal preference.

    Just be confident in your own opinion, dont let all the jaded opinions or completely biased ones dictate or even direct your thoughts.

    either way you'll get a product that is good, and cheap, and better than AO overall. oth's libraries weaknesses are just outweighed by its good.
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    Re: Need some advice: GPO or EWQLSO Silver

    I agree that say "which one you prefer" is not a good question...if I know that a guy prefers a library...so what I've got to do with that info? nothing.

    but I don't think that only saying to someone "listen to the demos" I can really give a good advice to anyone.
    None demos used well Gpo violin solo layering with ensemble, none demos told me that I could have a good pp brass colour on Silver...none
    So, if someone tells me that kind of things, personally I find it helpful.

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