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Topic: Preload too slow!

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    Preload too slow!


    I hope anyone can help me. I just bought the quantum Leaps Voices of the Apocalypse and I have the following problem with my Gigasampler (first time I use it). It takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours time, to open one choir library. The progress is very fast up to 50% (it takes about 20 seconds) and then it slows down to practically nothing at all. I use a 1,4Gig AMD, 768MB RAM, Hoontech DSP2000 and Logic Audio Platinum. Please help ..



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    Re: Preload too slow!

    Hehe I found the solution,

    you just have to load the samples into GS before opening Logic Audio .. that solves my problem. However I have another thing not working now: the GS Endless Wave MIDI Driver in Logic doesn\'t work .. so I cannot playback MIDI with Gigasampler. If anyone knows some answers please help me.

    THX nontacky



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    Re: Preload too slow!

    MM, you could also convert to gig 2.0 format, loads 100x faster.

    By the way, how is Voices of the Apocalypse?, I just bought

    Quantum Leap Guitar and Basses (wow)

    Please email me about your VOTA findings:


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