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Topic: SBLive audio playback in Cubase

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    SBLive audio playback in Cubase

    I\'m using an SBLive in Cubase VST. Using the ASIO multimedia driver I can record but not playback. If I use the DirectX driver I can playback but not record. Do they really expct us to constantly switch the drivers for recording and playing back or have I set something up wrong? Can someone recommend a better sequencer where you don\'t have to deal with these proprietary drivers not to mention horable midi performance? Please respond to timzydee@yahoo.com.

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    Re: SBLive audio playback in Cubase

    Cubase is not horrible, but Logic Audio Platinum is the most powerful on earth. Looking at your soundcard (SBlive) that thing is not multi-client nor gif compatible, if you are talking bigtime sequencers I suggest you first build a decent D.a.w


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    Re: SBLive audio playback in Cubase

    I\'m using another card for Gigastudio and outputting that sound into the SBLive.

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