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Topic: Question: Do the strings in GPO have release trails?

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    Question: Do the strings in GPO have release trails?

    Hi all,

    I do not own GPO as you have guessed with my question, im so torn between the GPO and EWQLSO Silver, its eating me alive, I just found that the silver version has no string release, so does the GPO?

    I own Halion strings ed.1 currently which does offer the release and natural hall verb on each sample, its a decent library, sound great in a mix used as layers but for solos I find it lacking, also when I purchased it I didnt think I would enjoy orchestral music so much but I am being drawn in feverishly and now desire a full orchestra.

    For the money I spent on the Halion strings I could have had a good full orchestra, so I am trying my best to decide and make the right decision.

    Thanks in advance for your time and replies!


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    Re: Question: Do the strings in GPO have release trails?

    The samples in GPO are recorded dry, meaning they do not have release trails or recorded reverb. This was done, I assume, to allow a level of customization to this process and to allow the user to blend GPO with other libraries that are recorded in a similar fashion. It is my understanding (meaning I'm probably wrong) that the majority of libraries are recorded dry for this reason (ie: to allow library blending.) This is a much debated subject that is mostly personal preference.

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    Re: Question: Do the strings in GPO have release trails?

    Basic Pitch,

    GPO does not have release tails although the patches are intermediate miked (not too close, not too wet). The Advanced GOS library does have release triggers. It would have increase the size of the library if we were to include these tails and the design of GPO was to keep it efficient.

    There are several ambient options with GPO. The first is to use the wet instruments with the onboard Kontakt reverb. This approach is not very efficient. The next approach is to use the bundled Ambience reverb as an effect send. This is one of the best doftware reverbs I've heard and there are customized presets for GPO. The next option is to use sampled reverb. We will be making impulses available to GPO customers for use with sampled reverbs (like SIR which is free).

    Hope this helps,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Question: Do the strings in GPO have release trails?


    Thanks for the info to both, what a pleasure to post a topic and get a reply from the author heh, im stunned, and let me add that was super fast aswell

    Thank you both..


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