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Topic: Keyswitch problem

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    Keyswitch problem

    Hi all,

    I\'m having a bit of a strange problem when it comes to creating keyswitching instruments. Generally I can create them with no problems but now and then when adding an instrument the new instrument bumps out one of the previous additions. So for example when I had 4 dimensions and added a 5th I\'d suddenly only have 4; 3 original plus the new one. Sometimes adding extra dimension keys helps but not always. Anyone else have this problem? Any tips appreciated.


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    Re: Keyswitch problem

    The problem is that Giga has only 32 dimensions. And when you get stereo files this diminish to 16 dimensions only. So If
    you combine gigs with keyswitching, before or
    later, you\'re out of dimensions!
    For example, you have gig file with 3 velocities (Giga takes 4 dimensions for 3 velocities, this is very saad thing, because
    options are only 2/4/8/16/32), you have only
    four possible dimensions left. Maybe you want
    use 2 dimensions for Mod Wheel ?
    So, only 2 left for keyswitches !!!

    AT LEAST 64, 128 IS BETTER!!!

    Greetings from Giga Finland

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    Re: Keyswitch problem

    Hi Marco,

    It\'s a good point but I don\'t think that\'s my problem in this case. I\'m using mono samples without any velocity splits or mod wheel. I\'ve built instruments with 8 or 10 keyswitches before and libraries like the Scarbee bass come that way as well. This is just a weird thing that seems to happen randomly, it could be after adding 2 dimensions or after 3 or 6. There doesn\'t seem to be a pattern.


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