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Topic: Emperor Users (KONTAKT)

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    Emperor Users (KONTAKT)

    Hey ppl, I wanted to see if any of you notice the small sounding clicks when sustaining the lower octaves and playing other notes at the same time. I have one gig of Ram and have made lots of different buffer adjustments. This is really a small dissapointment. I hope it's just a Ram problem. Thanks

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    Re: Emperor Users (KONTAKT)

    Hi, We have a dedicated webpage for issues with the NI Kontakt/Kompakt and DFD issues. It could help you out:


    1 GB is not a lot but if this causes clicks depends on the rest of the system. To really help you we would need some more info, like what OS, CPU, FSB+type of memory, drive speed and interface type, audio card/drivers etc you are using.
    There are a lot of topics about Kontakt DFD audio pops and clicks on the other NS forums too.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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