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Topic: Help Please!?

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    Help Please!?

    Hey fellas, I put up this discussion before, but I didn\'t get all the answers. I\'m getting ready to buy Gigastudio 160 with a bunch of libraries. My computer specs are: 1.1 Gigahertz Athlon, 133 Chipset, Windows 2000, Kurzweil K2500XS, 256 Megs of Ram, (512 soon!) And a Gina 24/96. Is there some kind of setup I have to do? I mean, extra wires and what-not? I have absolutely no clue. Right now, when I use Cakewalk, everytime I record, about 2 seconds into the recording/playback, there will be a pop or two. Why is that, how do you fix this? When I mix it down, the pop is not there, but I\'d like to record without pops and crap.

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    Re: Help Please!?

    Well, it seems a little unreasonable to ask people to solve your problems before you have them. Why not get started, and see what your questions actually are.

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    Re: Help Please!?

    Because I don\'t feel like making an investment worth several thousand buckaroos, and find out I\'m either missing something, or that my computer is not capable of Gigastudio. If I were to buy a car without knowing what it looks like, how it runs, and spending megabucks on it, and find out it\'s an 59\' piece o\' scrap, than... well... that\'d be stupid. May I have an amen?

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    Re: Help Please!?

    OK, there are about a thousand reasons why you might get a pop, all the way from noise on your power lines to different units runnign at different sampling frequencies. Without more info at least it\'s like guessing in the dark.

    I\'ve heard and solved lots of problems like this on other forums. One of the most common reasons is that IRQs are not set up well.

    Post back your IRQ settings (Device Manager, highlight computer, go to properties) and let\'s take a look at what\'s there.

    As with all things, no promises, but we can look.


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    Re: Help Please!?

    But you\'re going to need to get your feet wet sooner or later...might as well be sooner.

    Most people seem to build their system around the Giga, so that should be the first step. As Mark said, there\'s no guarantee, but it may work swimmingly right off the bat. Either way, YOU NEED TO GET GOING.

    Come on in ASAP, the water\'s fine.


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    Re: Help Please!?


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    Re: Help Please!?

    I\'m running Cakewalk with GigaStudio on the same system without any pops and with full polyphony. I\'m using a PIII-733 MHZ system with 512 MB of memory. Your popping in Cakewalk is caused by a different issue that pops in Giga. There is documentation of the Cakewalk websites on fine tuning Cakewalk that you need to do step-by-step. This should fix your popping issues as it fixed mine. The fix has to usually do with changing some buffers and latency settings under the Audio options.

    Your machine appears to be plenty capable of running GigaStudio.

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    Re: Help Please!?

    The biggest problems I\'ve seen are with motherboards that have the Via chipset. Since you\'re rocking an AMD it\'s possible that your motherboard will have that problem. I\'ve got an Asus mobo and an Athalon thunderbird 1.2 and I\'m running fine (after lots of work). However, if you\'re system is working with other music software without any problems, you\'ll probably be okay with gigastudio.

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    Re: Help Please!?

    You should really solve this problem before installing Giga, otherwise you could end up with one of those horrible never-ending sequences of problems that end in a re-format: Always try to isolate your problems. Don\'t install Giga in the hope that the previous problem will disapear.

    The Giga documentation will guide you as far as IRQs/slots/hard drive configurations are concerned (using the editor is a different matter) but getting installed is pretty well covered.

    I have one of the so-called problem motherboards (via). I spent a lot of time preparing for the install (second fast hard drive on the right bus/IRQs/sound card in best slot etc.). It seems it was worth the effort because I\'ve never had any problems (touch wood).

    You system (as you described) is plenty capable and you shouldn\'t have any problems. Gigastudio is more robust (I believe) than we are sometimes led to believe (remember that this message board is for problems therefore...).

    I think a lot of the problems are caused by people rushing into the install without any preparation, then panicking and writing to various boards for answers before going through the inevitable \'fight with Windows and the drivers thereof that PC literates have had to go through many times\' (like me when I try to fathom midi or the GS editor - cripes).

    You didn\'t mention your hard drive setup. I think this is probably the most important piece of the puzzle (it is a \'streaming\' technology after all). What I did (to be safe) was install two IBM deskstar (god is that what they\'re called - can\'t remember) 7,200 rpm with <8ms (I think) access time, and I chucked more memory at it as well (very cheap right now).

    Also, if you\'re using WIN2000 then it should be even more stable than the WIN98 version (maybe:-).

    Good luck with it.

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