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Topic: Best Software to Convert MIDI into Notation?

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    Question Best Software to Convert MIDI into Notation?


    I am trying to convert a complex MIDI score (exported from Cakewalk Sonar 3) to a reasonably accurate score. Of the software I have (Encore, Finale 2002, and demo version of Sibelius 3), none of them seem accurate. The resulting scores look practically unreadable.

    They especially don't like it if you mix rhythms such as flutes playing 16th note runs and oboes playing triplets. It seems you can set general guidelines when loading fast notes that they are either set to 16th notes or triplets, but not mixed together. I would also like the ability to combine tracks into the score. For example, MIDI channel 1 is Piccolo sustain, Midi channel 2 is piccolo trill, MIDI channel 3 is piccolo staccato and they combine to become track 1 "Piccolo" of the score.

    Is there software that does a very good job of converting MIDI to a readable score? I realize there is some cleanup that needs to happen when converting a MIDI score to notated score, but the software I have seems way off.


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    Re: Best Software to Convert MIDI into Notation?

    I don't know of any software that can convert MIDI notation that's reasonably complex to standard notation without some editing, unless you quantize all the MIDI. That's something you can do if you haven't yet.

    If you need to merge different channels maybe you should do that in the MIDI too before you import it to the notation program. Good luck!
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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