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Topic: FX-MAX & GigaStudio3 Predictions

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    FX-MAX & GigaStudio3 Predictions

    In light of the VSL announcement, I'v thought some more about the FX-MAX and GVA issues.

    I am predicting that GVA will be either co-released with GS3, or even bundled as part of it.

    I think all of the delays we have seen with GVA are tied up with agreements between MAX and Tascam. The delays are probably at the insistence of Tascam to either ensure a co-release or to ensure a thorough quality, bug free product.

    From what we've heard on the grape vine, GVA has been nearly ready for 6 months. I think it is ready. I think it was ready a long time ago. I think an agreement between MAX and Tascam is the only thing preventing its release.
    I think to avoid any non-disclosure issues and awkward questions, Max simply refused to participate in his own forum ...

    Only in the last two days have we heard from him to reveal that release is now "very, very close". GS3 is very, very close too. Co-incidence ? No way.

    But with VSL's announcement last night, and Max's waking up from 3 months of hibernation, I see these as the strongest signals yet that GS3 is imminent.
    (Either that or they are sweetners for more bad news and delays .)

    But then again I may be wrong, and may be eating large quantities of humble pie in the weeks to come.

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    Re: FX-MAX & GigaStudio3 Predictions

    Max might comment on this but the GVA betas have steadily ironed out all issues and the latest release, about 1 week old, seems to be solid.
    I don't think Max has been sleeping for the last 3 months

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    Re: FX-MAX & GigaStudio3 Predictions

    okay, I'll eat lots of humble pie.

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    Re: FX-MAX & GigaStudio3 Predictions

    If FX-Max's Giga VSTi Adaptor (GVA) were released right now ... what effect would this have on sales of GS3 Upgrades?

    For me at least it would meet the needs:

    - addressed by REWIRE,
    - the ability to route GS out put through VST effects
    - the ability to use it in conjunction with the free convolution reverbs currently available (SIR)

    Personally these are the main drivers for me with respect to GS3. If GVA were available now I would probably hold off buying GS3 until Q4 now, and spend my hard saved cash on some other libraries ....

    Which again causes me to speculate whether Tascam is twisting Max's arm to delay GVA's release. Perhaps they fear GVA would have some negative impact on upgrade sales.

    Patrick ... don't doubt your sincerity, but I still think something wierd is going on with the GVA delays ... there were positive BETA reports as long ago as December .... Max himself said on 8th April. "Yes, I think I'll release it this month regardless of Giga 3 release." ... and he has started another development AMP mid Spring. ....

    very fishy ... and annoying

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    Re: FX-MAX & GigaStudio3 Predictions

    A couple of reasons for me to get GS3;

    - Gigapulse (SIR is great but this sounds a lot more sophisticated.)
    - 4 or so Gigs of free libraries that ship with GS3 (including some VSL)

    I would still get Max's GVA since GS3 only runs Rewire, my understanding is that Rewire channels can only piped into your sequencerif Giga is on the host machine. At least with GVA, you could wrap any instance of GS3 over a network in conjunction with FX-Teleport.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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