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Topic: Momma board @ +512 Ram

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    Momma board @ +512 Ram

    Both my Asus motherboards(cusl2-c,Tusl2-c)
    are great reliable motherboards buuutt....
    They can have only 512 ram PC100 or PC133 in em..
    Is there a tweak we can do? say up to 1024
    I\'ve never been there before.

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    Re: Momma board @ +512 Ram

    I soo stupid..
    Can I say Duhh!!
    Max 512 ram for each 168pin ram slot..
    I have 3 slots..
    I have 1 512 stick of ram so I could get 2 more..
    1536 of PC133 ram should do it if my math is correct.

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    Re: Momma board @ +512 Ram

    But I\'ve heard that if you put too much ram, it\'ll fry your computer, overheating and what not. (Talked to a computer wiz about ram)

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    Re: Momma board @ +512 Ram

    Seclusion, unfortunately I don\'t think you\'re right about your \'512 mb pr slot\' thing. The 815 chipset used in both the CUSL and TUSL mobo\'s will NOT take more than 512MB RAM in TOTAL...

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    Re: Momma board @ +512 Ram

    From the CUSL2C manual (p24)

    NOTE: Make sure the total installed memory does not exceeds (sic) 512mb. Otherwise, the system may hang during startup.

    Bummer eh...

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    Re: Momma board @ +512 Ram

    Ya you\'re right..
    512 ram max for the whole motherboard.
    It\'s a shame seeing those 2 extra slots open, begging for ram.
    I guess it\'s back to makin tunes and quit tweaking.

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