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Topic: HALion 3 DXi version not recognized

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    HALion 3 DXi ?

    Installed the VSTi and DXi versions of HALion 3, but the DXi version is not recognized by my sequencer (Sonar 3). It may be that the dll needs to be registered...or perhaps one can only install either the VST or DXi version.

    Should there be two dll's in the directory--one named HALionDXi.dll like version 2?

    How does one force a dll registration in MS Windows XP?

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times with no effect. Any ideas? Thanks


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    Re: HALion 3 DXi version not recognized

    hmm.. good question(s)

    I can only help w/ the dll registration issue - I don't use the DX version and, you're right, I don't see a separate dll anywhere.

    re: dll registration

    1) open a command prompt (Start/Run-> type in "cmd");
    2) probably easiest to change directories to the location of the dll;
    3) typein "regsvr32 mydllname" to register.

    typein just "regsvr32" by itself to see other options (like unregister).

    also - might be worthwhile to post at forums.cubase.net (Halion forum), only if you can stand the heat of using that "other" sequencer

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    Re: HALion 3 DXi version not recognized

    where are you purchasing Halion 3?

    the 2 online music gear mainstays, MusiciansFriend.com and Zzounds.com do not have them listed

    nor do they list GagaStudio 3 yet
    Sony Vaio PCG-GRT170 laptop, 2.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Cubase SE (with Halion, D'Cota, Groove Agent, VGEE, Grand Piano), GPO, an old but sweet Akai 73 synth/MIDI controller, Tascam US 122 Audio/MIDI interface (ASIO drivers), Yamaha AW16G DAW, and bunches of mics, pre-amps, Truth B2031 monitors, etc. Partial dry mixdowns in Cubase, all WAV files exported to AW16G for final mixdown with EQ, inserts, sends, etc.

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    Re: HALion 3 DXi version not recognized

    Go right to Steinberg (USA)/Pinnacle - Halion 3

    In the US, call: 877-253-3900

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    Re: HALion 3 DXi version not recognized

    Yep, got my copy from Steinberg by calling the number P1E cited. BTW, Thanks P1E for your feedback.

    Bill C.

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