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Topic: Hey "stmikkel"

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    Hey \"stmikkel\"

    This is for \"stmikkel\"
    Please email me re the B4 running with Giga Studio 160



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    Re: Hey \"stmikkel\"

    Hi Bryan!

    Sorry it took so long. I haven\'t been here in the last weeks.

    It you\'re wondering about how B4 can work together with Gigastudio, there are really just two simple considerations. Get a really fast machine, ..fast athlon cpu 1333mhz++, harddrives, a good mainboard, I use A7M266.
    Secondly, use the program prcview. I you can\'t find it on the internet, I can send it to you by email.

    What this program does, is (among other things) to let you choose what kind of priority the file/program running in the background will have. Just choose msg32.dll file, and set it from real time to normal priority. That\'s it.
    Right now I\'m doing a song, with around 3.5-4.0 gb samples in gs, and logic audio with 5 audiochannels, 2 b4 tracks, one evp88 track, one m-tron track, and lots of native logic effects. No problem. (although I\'m pressing my machine to it\'s limits though.. :-)

    I use two pulsar2 soundcards on top of this. Excellent combination! Here you can use lots of effects that doesn\'t tax the cpu. Pulsar2 uses onboard dsp chips for calculations of effects, synths etc.

    Hopes this helps. I though it best to post this message here, so everyone else can take advantage of this tip.

    Bryan, if this didn\'t answer your question, feel free to ask.
    Good luck!

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