As most of you may know when you register GigaStudio using the online registration engine you are eligible to receive the NFX EQ plug-in for free.

It is important to note that if your e-mail address has a low file size limitation, such as most of the free e-mail servers do
(aol,hotmail,msn,yahoo etc...), and you have selected to receive the EQ in the registration process, you may never receive a response with your registration key. Some of these servers will block out the entire e-mail if it\'s too large or has a .exe file attachment. This issue may be the reason some of you folks never hear back from us.

If indeed you foresee this being a problem for you or have yet to receive a response from the registration engine in a timely
manner you should try one of the following...

Register from an e-mail address with a larger file size limitation.


Register without electing to receive the EQ. Don\'t worry, you can still get the EQ by downloading it separately.

Here\'s the work around...

-Register GigaStudio and do not select to receive the NFX EQ-

-Upon receiving your \"Registration Key\" and completing the registration process go back the website and use your download code to get the EQ (your download code will appear as the last four characters of your registration number in the program under \"Help>About GigaStudio\", this number will now show up until the \"Registration Key\" is entered and you\'ve re-booted)

-To get to the NFX EQ-

It is only located in one place on the website currently (don\'t worry we\'re working on this one). You will need to go to
\"Version Updates\" and choose the 2.50 download for Win 2K/XP(you don\'t have to actually download the update but you will eventually see a link to get the NFX EQ) where you will be asked to enter your CD-Key, download code and Name. Once everything checks out you will be lead to a link to download the free plug-in.

I realize this is a rather nutty work around but this how it is for the moment. Rest assured that we are working on simplifying
the process. Stay tuned.

Happy EQing,