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Topic: Just a Smile

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    Wink Just a Smile

    Hi folks,

    please have a listen to my piano song. It´s the GPO - Piano of course. Before listening to this piece ... please imagine the following setting:

    "It´s the year 1926. You are sitting inside of a romantic café. It´s a warm evening in summer. Suddenly a young women stands in front of the window. She is looking at you. You´ve already noticed her. No word is spoken - you just smile. She turns away and while she is walking her way, she asks herself: Who was this nice man with the smile?"

    Now I wish you lot´s of fun with my composition "Just a Man with a Smile"




    P.S.: To all the female listeners: Just imagine a man standing outside instead of the young woman, hehe

    Edit: Before you ask ... I´ve played the whole song by myself. Nothing is programmed, so to speak all is a live performance.
    "Time is the best teacher. But unfortunately she kills all her students ..." - Terry Pratchett


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    Re: Just a Smile

    Well, I love piano pieces so maybe my verdict is a little biased, but I love it. Very impressive. I wish I could play, really, instead of just slapping notes down on a staff. Great job. BTW, I love your signature, I'm a Pratchett fanatic. Turtles all the way...

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    Post Re: Just a Smile


    Your piano piece was very soulful and enjoyable.

    Circa 20's cafe on a pleasant summer evening listening to "Blackster" Gershwin on the ivories.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Just a Smile

    Gary, I want to be the first to say that you certainly have an enormous vocabulary


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